Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Happiness is May!" quoth the Yarnarian.

Warning: This is a L O N G post, just because it's May and I'm feeling verbose.

Happy May Day to all who celebrate it. I have no idea on how to celebrate it except to say it, however. Jo says we have to wash our faces in the morning dew. It's too chilly out to do that, so I'm washing my face in a virtual manner.

I have no decent junk food to nibble on. This is a crisis of unimagine proportions. No Devil Dogs! No potato chips! What is the world coming to? And I'm too lazy to get to the market to buy some more. I'm desperate enough to continue to eat the Passover matzo with a bit of margarine on it. This is a bad situation. We are going to Whole Foods for our Thurs. supper, but their junk is entirely too wholesome. OH, woe is me!

It's going to be 58 deg. here today, about what I expect the weather to be on the Cape in a couple of weeks. Maybe even a bit cooler. I'm not complaining, because when it warms up, it's going to be summer weather. We have the weirdest spring here, almost nothing and then it gets hot. But all the trees have their leaves, and everything is that bright spring green, and it's May!

Dyeing news: Take a look at these pretty skeins. 1100 yards! Superwash merino in a fingering weight. They are reserved for a shawl KAL at this point. But, I love this yarn so much that I plan to dye more. Hey, I just might keep it all for myself. Selfish Yarnariarn!

Kona Rose, Jade, Blackberry, Terracotta, Orchid, and Azure!

Other yarns dyed up yesterday are Sunday in the Park, Dreaming, Flowers in the Grass, and Soft Sand (which is my favorite in this batch).

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Margene said...

At least it's not snowing on you! It's snowing here!
Love the new colors. The 1100 yd skeins are great!!


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