Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Yarnarian Throws in the Towel!

Yes, indeed, I finally gave up on Laminaria. Not that it was so difficult, but I put it down for a while, and last night when I picked it up again, discovered some strange miscount . So I gently tinked back. Hah! And kept tinking and tinking, and then in total disgust, I just frogged the bloody thing. i might try it again, but now I'm too irritated with it.

So, instead, this afternoon, I started on a shawl of my own design. Same luscious yarn, but this will be made to my pattern. Here are my plans: garter stitch forever, and then a really, really neat border. Plus, I may just attach a small border to the outside edge. So, to prepare for that possibility, I'm making nice slip stitches. Needless to say, you can't see anything worthwhile yet, plus you know how lace is before you block it: a mess. But, still, here's a pic.

And while I'm on pics, here's my new Piddleloop bag from the terrific Piddleloop Sisters.

And that's the story.

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