Friday, April 4, 2008

"Kona, Oh Beautiful Kona", I sing thy praises. If only thou wouldst dry already!

I just heard from an old friend of mine from my old hometown days. She's on Ravelry and found me. Don't you love hearing from people who have dropped off your radar screen? She's a lovely, intelligent woman, whom I like very much, and we lost contact a while ago. So it was so good to hear from her! Thanks, SE, for contacting me.

Her husband used to take me to the opera because it gets out late and she really didn't want to go. So B and I had many Metropolitan Opera dates. I was just thinking about those evenings last night when I watched Romeo and Juliet at the Met. If you haven't seen these new productions, give them a chance. Opera at its most accessible.

Knitting news: Here's a picture of my still-soggy Kona wool. It's now been about 30 hours and that darn yarn still isn't dry. But if you take a look at its 1100 yards goodness, you'll see why. We are talking a helluva lot of yarn here. I wish you could see it in real life. The merino feels like alpaca and has that same alpaca sheen to it. Dry, sweetheart, dry! Mama wants to knit you up already!

Some more yarn I dyed up; these are or will be all for sale. Sand & Sea,Rainbow Teal, Pretty Flowers, Chocolate Mint Swirl, Hazy Hills, and Leafy Green.

Certain husbands, who shall remain nameless, gave me his rotten cold. Bad Hubbo!

Why do we call it a "cold"? It feels more like a "wet" to me.

Dawn - Kona is put out by Henry's Attic and is 100% Australian superwash merino, and the most gorgeous stuff going. If we live long enough and it dries, I'll show pics as i knit along.

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dawn said...

Kona wool? I don't think I ever heard of that. Kona cotton of course....used to use that all the time. Nice colors!


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