Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yarns and Odds

Did you have a nice April Fool's Day? I fell for the oldest line around. I was having lunch with the Mommie, and one of the kitchen staff, Mary, said to me: "Ruth, did you drop a 20 dollar bill?" So, of course I looked down And then she said: "April Fools!"

BTW, Mary makes the best soup around. Not the best chicken soup, that's mine (she says with all modesty), but veggie soup and pea soup. Friday nights, being the beginning of the Sabbath (Shabbat in Hebrew), the folks have real, made by a human being, chicken soup. And then Mary takes the boiled meat and makes the most delicious chicken salad out of it. How anyone can make awesome chicken salad out of the boiled chicken is amazing. But she does. Amazing salad!

Knitting news: I started a new sock yesterday. Actually I started the sock on Monday, and frogged it a number of times. Last night I think I came up with the pattern, or at least the 1st part of the pattern. Here it is and a pic of the yarn too.

I originally had this neat complex pattern, but the yarn was too much for it and it completely disappeard in the variegation. I'm going to dye up an almost solid for that pattern because I think it has great possibilities.

Hubbo, the flu meister, actually stayed home yesterday with his flu-ish symptoms. He felt much better this morning, so went to work. I'm hoping I don't get it!

I'm anxiously awaiting 2 yarn orders; they both have possible lace shawl yarns in them and I want to try them out.

Melissa and Holly - I chickened out. I just couldn't get the bloody things to fit me. They fit Hubbo, who is over 250lbs and tall. I tried 3 times, and finally gave up. I can't go down to a 00 needle; it's crazy to do that. So, I'm out. The competitive part of me is not happy, but the knitting part is.
A 72 stitch sock just is not a medium sock in my book. Too bad, but there's always next year.

And anyhow, the prizes are yarn. That's like bringing coals to Newcastle for me. And I'm one of the people donating yarn. So it goes!

Bev - It's not that I find it difficult; it's that I'm using my very precious time to knit something that i can't use, or give away to friends or family. But I'm stepping away from it for a day or two, and maybe I'll give it another shot. I was so disgusted and burnt out with it that I needed a break. So we'll see. Anyhow, it ain't over until it's over. But if I don't do it, I'll cheer you on!

Mette - it's a nameless yarn. Last week i dyed up a bunch and loved this one so much that I kept it for myself. I'm inclined to attempt to duplicate it next time I dye, but that is virtually impossible. I just dye the things. No notes, no samples, just dye them. BTW, the rosy color in it is Cape Cod Cranberry. When I use this color, it starts off as a blah beige, and when it's cooked up, it turns into this nice color. Weird, huh?

Mama May - I don't have little kids nor am I pregnant. I'm retired after a full career and now my time is my own. When my kids were little, I had barely any time to myself at all. And when I did, I was zonked. That's why being a Gram is so much fun: you enjoy them and play with them, and then you give them back. Tee hee!


Emily said...

Ruth, who wears all these socks that you knit? You? Family members? Or do you give them away too?

Bev said...

Ruth don't give up I'm still on the first sock and have ripped out the heel three times not happy with it. I've got days off so I hope to get somewhere on this and I thoug anall nighter might come into play. But PLEASE don;t give up give them to charity. Bev

Mette said...

Hey Ruth!
What is that yarn called? it was really beautiful. :)

MamaMay said...

Wow you are really being a knitting fool. I wish I had the time...


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