Monday, March 31, 2008

The Yarnarian knits like a crazy lady!

The new sock from Sock Madness 2 just got posted. You know what that means: I'm likely to be scarce around here. Or maybe I'll need to take a break from all that knitting. This time the first 20 knitters who finish the socks from each division move on. Cheer me on!

Soup is made and now frozen!

Two new patterns posted in 2 locations:

Seaside Socks in etsy, and Falling Rain in Ravelry. Just to confuse the issue. ;-P

That's it, gotta go knit. Knit, woman, knit!


Melissa said...

Cheering you on from SC! Knit like the wind. The sock are beautiful.. I look forward to buying the patterns.. when I get some money. :) Have a great day!

Holly said...

Done yet (evil grin)?

Great pattern, challenging yarn choice for me.


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