Friday, March 14, 2008

The Yarnarian knits like a crazy lady!

And she's up and running, I mean knitting. Running, I mean fast walking, comes a bit later at the gym.

I'm knitting the first sock for SM2: Zombie. So called, because you have a scary moment when you drop your stitches. Really not scary at all. This is lots of fun, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Of course this is sock 1, wait until I start kvetching about sock 2.

There are some mighty speedy knitters in this competition. In my salad days (whatever that means) I could knit like a speed demon. Not now with the grumpy wrists. But I'm still making progress pretty quickly, at least for me. I'd like to make it to round 2. There are 57 people in my division, and the first 40 get into round 2. So there is a chance that I might make it. At any rate, I get the patterns no matter how far I get.

Here's a pic of the yarn and the sock so far:

Bev - I'm about an inch or so from beginning the toe shaping on sock 1. I've taken plenty of breaks, and so far, my hands are ok. You do realize that we're nuts to do this. But, as Hubbo says, so? Good luck; we've got to make round 1!

Desiknitter - Thank you. Now that I'm knitting it up, it appears lighter, but still with the subtle color variations. I'm going to dye more of these almost solids; they really show off the pattern.

Holly - Congrats, you speedy knitter, you! I'm just about to start the heel back of the second sock. I'll finish probably tomorrow since I don't want to aggravate those tetchy wrists. It's a fun sock, too big on me. I'd do a 56 st version next time, but these will be fine if a little loose. Do they fit you?

Melissa - Thank you. I like it too. I'm going to head in the almost solid direction for a bit.

Laurie in Maine - I'm impressed - fourth round! I can see why you would get burnt out. I'm not going to knit any faster than I am right now. Before the wrists became crabby, I could knit like a demon. If I did that now, I'd finish the first socks in record time and then wouldn't be able to knit for a couple of months. The urge to get in done is really there, though. And it is a lot of fun!


Melissa said...

Cool sock! The yarn is beautiful. Good luck with making it to the next round!

Bev said...

Ruth just got home from work and am going to knit most of the night. I might be tired for work tomarrow but I want to make it out of round 1. I'm onto the foot heading for the toe on sock 1. Got ot get it done.

Desiknitter said...

What a lovely colour. I just adore this colourway and the sutble shades.

Holly said...

great colour choice and the pattern just flies. Haven't looked at your division yet, but I was about the 3rd or 4th in mine to finish (Sat at 1330 here on the Island side of the Chanel) so there should be plenty of time for you to finish

laurie in maine said...

I LOVE that color! I was 4 or 5 inches down before I decided the color I chose was wasted on such a stand out pattern...too busy. But no way was I starting over!!

This is my 2nd year of Sock Madness - I had just learned how to knit socks before SM1. I made it to round 4 last year. I swore I wasn't going to make myself "a crazy lady" trying to keep up this year!

I'm out of practice following a sock pattern - haven't felt like knitting socks since the end of last years Sock Madness...hmmm


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