Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yarns, Glorious Yarns! and Keeping Kosher!

I've got a bunch of new colors, some of which are not yet listed on etsy. Wanna see? (psst: the correct answer is "yes").
Here they are: Tiptoe, Apricotta, and High Wire!

Tonight we are going to buy chicken parts and fixings for Chicken Soup Sunday, our annual chicken soup orgy. This is the day that we haul out the ginormous stock pot, and make a vat of soup. Freeze it and it's already for Passover. You could say: "To Passover and beyond!" It's a pain in the butt to do, and the entire house smells of chicken soup, which is ok, but not for hours. But, then I have soup all ready for matzo balls and for cooking.

Right near the supermarket is a kosher Subway which we are going to try. We are half-kosher Jews: in the home we are mostly kosher, outside the home, we cheat. The "mostly" part is that we will bring in take out from nonkosher places, but we eat it on separate plates and use separate silverwear, aka plasticwear dishes. There are 2 main types of kosher food: milchig (dairy) and fleishig (meat). There is also pareve, which is neither meat nor dairy (like veggies). In the Yarnarian household we add a third party: nichadig. This is our own classification. Non-Jews are now totally confused, and members of the tribe are going "huh?" It's called Creative Cheating.

But on Passover, we behave ourselves and don't cheat at all. That means cooking every bloody meal for 8 days. Gear up, ladies, I'm going to kvetch from now through the end of Passover.

Vocabulary words for the day:

Milchig - dairy
Fleishig - meat
Pareve - neither meat nor dairy
Kvetch - complain and whine
Pesach - Hebrew for Passover. You pronounce that last ch as a gutteral, not as a "ch" sound.
Nichadig - Hubbo's word for cheating on keeping kosher in the home.
Kosher - Jewish dietary practices, as in no piggy stuff, shell fish, and mixing meat
with milk.

There will be a multiple choice test on this post after Pesach (notice that I used the Hebrew here).

Melissa - It's already spoken for.

Knittyvritti - I love matzo meal or brei pancakes! And I make both sinkers and floaters in the same batch. It's magical. Same batter, same water to boil them in, and some come out like cannonballs, while others are ethereal. Go figure. Neither my mother nor I have ever figured it out.

Emily - No! You cannot come for Passover! No, no, no! I have no place to put you. DD, SIL, and Miss P are coming in, and for seder, we have the 3 of them, the 2 of us, BF and Hubby, DD#1 and her guy, and the Brooklyn folks (guy, wife and the Benster.)
Plus I hope, schwester, niece and her guy, and possibly nephew. Where in holy hell am I going to seat them all. Maybe i should leave them all her, and fly out to you!

Holly - I'm not wasting a bit of my precious chicken soup to boil knaidlach in. But I plop them in when heating up the soup so that they do get that chickeny flavor.


Emily said...

Just PMed you about one of those delicious skeins.

Can I come over for Passover? ;)

knittyvritti said...

my mother made matzah brei or matzoh meal pancakes for breakfast every day of those eight days!!!heaven....and one question--sinkers or floaters?

Melissa said...

The yarn is beautiful! I especially love the last one.

Holly said...

and shall we add Treif for all those foods which don't make the mark so have to be eaten in restaurants (if at all).

Boil Matzah Balls in water?!?!?!?

I just drop them in the soup! Of course it is vegetable broth, not chicken (there are vegetarians among us) but great floaters that way


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