Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chicken Soup!

It's here! Chicken Soup Sunday! Get ready, boys (?) and girls, Hubbo and I are embarking on our annual Passover Chicken Soup lunacy!

Chicken is waiting in the refrig, Hubbo is off buying the veggies, I'm about to get the soup vat, and off we go!

Here are 2 pics of the soup: First one shows how large the stock pot is, and the second one is the soup at the very beginning. The chicken is below all those herbs and veggies.

Pattern news: Falling Rain is coming to Ravelry maybe tomorrow. I finished but have to write up the pattern, and then Hubbo has to pdf it for me. Seaside Socks, the first pattern of the sotm club, will be released on Etsy tomorrow. That one is ready, of course. Here's a teaser of Seaside Socks. tee hee.

So now I have nothing that I feel like knitting on the needles! SM2 is releasing the next madness on Tues, I think, but how can I make it to Tues without a project? Not possible. So sometime today, in between the soup and the laundry, I shall start figuring out what sock to do next. Life is tough, there's no doubt about it!

I was going to start a shawl, and actually cast on with some lovely merino from Seacoast, but 1/2 inch into it, I decided that variegated on this kind of lace was ugly! As in U G L Y! So I frogged it, but now have 560 yards of pretty yarn all wound up, maybe for the next madness sock.

I want to do this on sock weight instead of my usual lace weight because I need warmer shawls around here. Much more practical in my doddering old age than Zephyr yarn. Like a lace shawl is practical. Nope, but purdy!

That's it. Off to get dressed.

Knittyvritti - The entire house now smells of chicken soup. Tasty, but in a few hours, it will be overwhelming.

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knittyvritti said...

mmm--do i smell chicken soup? you're spreading a good smell all over the eastern seaboard.....


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