Saturday, March 1, 2008

He made me do it!

Here I was on a Saturday morning, showered, dressed, and fed, when the Hubbo wandered in after his early morning schmutz activity. "Do you want to go to Coldwater Creek?" he asked. And just at the very moment, I found a coupon in the latest Cooking Light for CC. So, kicking and screaming, he dragged innocent me off on a shopping expedition to CC. He kidnapped me. He forced me to go. It was unfair to an innocent and greedy person. And the reason for all this? He had a coupon for Eddie Bauer, which is in the same mall as CC.

So he spent $2.49 on a neat vest seriously marked down, and I bought entirely too much stuff that I don't need. I ask you: Is this fair? Here's what I got, and I'm NOT telling you how much I spent. I did ask for extra hangers and got some nice ones. And a free organizer bag. And my coupon off.

Over to the left is a pair of jeans in kind of a cocoa color. The picture is much too dark there. And some pretty T-shirts, and a couple of blouses. Now I have to figure out when I'm going to wear all of this. Anybody want to go to lunch?

I'm not dyeing anything until I come back. It's sort of a dyeing vacation. Not that I need to be re-energized, (I have a gazillion ideas in my head), but it's nice to step back and just knit.

In the mail yesterday and today: Malabrigo lace from the Loopy Ewe in Stonechat. It's so pretty and soft that I just may admire it! And today, the best tea from Tea Noir: Victoriana, which is Earl Grey mixed with some lavendar and rosemary. Amazingly delicious, and a new rooibos mixed with coconut and anise. I'll try that one later.

And that, girls and boys, is all the news that's fit to print! There is no news at the moment that is not fit to print!

Sunday update: Here's a pic of the green socks in process. The color is not great due to the time of day. But you'll get a good idea of how it's coming along.

Christine - You won't see my new finery until I come out in the summer for Miss P's birthday. And then I expect you to be suitably impressed. Can't wait to meet you, too. Is the world ready for us?

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Christine said...

Sorry, honey... I don't think those new clothes are warm enough for Minnesota - better leave them at home... HAHAHA!

Can't wait to meet you next week!


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