Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Yarnarian finishes the Zombie socks!

Ta da! I feel like Rocky running up the steps in Philly. Happy, happy dance!

Now I can go back to normal living until the next sock comes up. I hope it takes a while because i have a pretty sock for DD in Minnesota to finish. And I want to write up the pattern for it while I'm still at it. It's the almost solid green lacy one a few posts back.

Here's a pic of the Zombie socks: They are very pretty but way too big on me. You can see how baggy they are on my delicate legs and feet. I'll wear them anyhow and call them slouchy socks. I'm going to buy a couple of #0 needles to have on hand should another largish sock get posted. I hate having to knit tightly; it's not my natural way of knitting. But the zero needles will make it easier. And the next pair that looks big, I'll dye up some Treadsoft, which is thinner than Penny yarn, or I'll use one of my stash of Kona yarn bought at the Loopy Ewe.

Bev - That's because great minds like ours think alike! Mine started out as a really barfy yarn, so I overdyed it. It's amazing what a little dark reddish purple-ish color can do.

Holly - 64 stitches is a lot of stitches in my mind. Granted that I'm a small woman and always make my socks on 56-58 sts, but these are really wide. Hubbo, who is NOT small, tried them on when I had finished the legs, and they fit him. And he's a large guy. Yeah, I dye for sanity, and because I'm color-obsessed!

Are you mostly in England or Germany these days?

Emily - Thank you. I liked knitting them, but if I do them again, it will be a 56 st sock!

Melissa - Nah, I'll keep them. But thanks for your offer. ;-D
I didn't know that I had that number thingie to post here. Oh well.

Cbristine - I have tired hands! Well I did yesterday, but today they seem fine. They call me "wonder knitter". There's a lot of competition in SM2. We're talking people who finished the pair of socks in less than 2 days!

Did I tell you how much I love being retired? Huh? Did I?

What are you knitting? I'm finishing up the pair of socks I started for EM. BTW, I love your entrelac socks!!

MamaMay - You lucky thing; you actually got a treasury. They are so hard to get! Thanks for including moi.

KnittyVritti - Nope, they're all mine.


Bev said...

Ruth great job they look great. We did them in almost the same color shades

Holly said...

Absolutely great job.

I did mine on 2,00 needles. I much prefer working on 2,5s...and a lot less stitches.

So far mine are ok, but I am letting them "drop" on their own - so far they are staying up only because they are fake ribbing.

My 19 year old has claim on them when they are too big for me.

Never thought it would be dyeing for sanity did you?

Emily said...

They look great, Ruth!

Melissa said...

Wow! They are beautiful! It's too bad they are not a better foot... you are always welcome to send them my way.. I have big feet! :)

Melissa said...

I meant.. too bad they are not a better FIT! haha I had feet on the brain. I should really preview my comments but then you have to do the word verification again and I stink at those.

Christine said...

How the heck did you get a pair of socks done already - have you even been home for a week? I guess you retired people have nothing else to do other than dye yarn and knit socks! BTW - your socks look great!

MamaMay said...

I got a treasury!
You are in it!

knittyvritty said...

and so, will hubbo wear the socks?


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