Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm in love!

With a younger man, no less. Totally and completely in love. Here's the story.

Yesterday we went in to Brooklyn for a bit of a family visit. Went for lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, and after a bit, one of us got antsy, and Hubbo and that guy went out for a walk.

So, lunch being over, I exited the restaurant and all of a sudden, a short, pink-cheeked guy came running toward me, arms outstretched, and yelling Gamma! And everybody in the area started to giggle. So now you see why I'm in love. The Benster gets the cute 2 year old award of the year!

And he's ticklish, and likes to crash his cars, and is so delicious to kiss. All four of them are cuddy and delicious to smooch. Not that The Alex likes smoochies these days. Almost 8 year olds are kind of past that; but he does like to cuddle, and he is delicious.

Princessa Rosey story: DD gets her dressed up for dancing school in her fancy schmancy tutu, and the munchkin spends the entire dancing class admiring herself in the mirrors. So the next week, DD put on her normal tutu, and the Princessa still spends the class time admiring herself. She's almost 4. Can't you just eat these kids up?

Knitting news
: I'm almost at the toe of my Falling Rain socks, and then I knit the second one. Have to hustle a bit because I think the next edition of SM2 is coming this week. Here's what Falling Rain looked like late yesterday afternoon. now I'm at the toe decreases. Weird picture color is due to the time of day.

Jo, of Celtic Memory, gave my Leafy Green Socks the nicest mention. I love reading her blog and looking at her wonderful pictures. I've never been to Ireland (hell I haven't been most places), but now I want to go. You have to look at her blog and those pics of forests and other stunning places.

Another wonderful blog to read is Creative. Dianne is chronicling her dyeing process. She's an amazing dyer, and writes a charming blog.

So here's a question for you knitters. As you know, I'm in love with sock yarn. It's very easy for my cranky wrists to knit. And I love dyeing it. So what do you think about a lacy scarf pattern made from sock wool rather than lace weight yarn? I adore knitting lace, but shawls at this stage are not where I am. But lace scarves in a slightly heavier weight might must fill my love of both lace and fingering weight yarn. What do you think? Give me a comment or two. Well, you can comment on anything; I love to read them.

For those of you celebrating Easter, Happy Easter. For those of you gearing up for Passover, next Sunday is Chicken Soup Sunday. The day in which Hubbo and I make vats of the stuff.

Erin - I figure that I can get a nice lacy scarf out of a 400 yd skein of sock yarn. I could start from the middle on down, and then pick up sts and go in the other direction. If I have enough leftover, I could do a border. Or maybe do something else entirely.

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Erin said...

Lovely socks! And I do like the idea of lacey scarves in fingering yarn. I have a bunch of yarn that will take me an eternity to knit into socks. I like to break it up a bit.


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