Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gotta knit, gotta knit, gotta knit!

The end of the zombie socks is in sight. Whoo hoo! Gotta knit. Talk to you all later or tomorrow or whenever.

Yarn news: I dyed up 8 skeins today, which for production people is nothing, but for an individual yarn painter is a lot. Almost solids, and a bunch of other ones. I have major spring fever, so my dyeing might just reflect it. Or not.

Sharon is giving me a swelled head! Happiness is having wonderful blog readers. You all are such nice folks, and I'm becoming insufferable with all those lovely comments. You all rock! Gotta knit! Knit, knit, knit.

Gotta knit!!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!
The pair of Zombie socks is finished and I posted it to the Sock Madness 2 moderators. Whew!

Bev - We can do a happy dance together. I did get dressed early but in my dyeing clothes. Elegant I'm not. But I finished the socks. Yes!

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Bev said...

Ruth you can do it. I finished mine today. I told everyone that I was going to say in my pj till I finished. Got done at 3 pm and thats when I got dressed. Kinda nice sitting around in my pjs I'll have to do it again. Rest up for round 2. Can't wait to see what you dyed.


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