Thursday, March 27, 2008

The things I put up with!

Comment from Hubbo in answer to my feeling lazy and not going to the gym:

"How are you going to participate in the running of the Lambs in
Rhinebeck if you don't get in shape.

The running of the Lamb in Rhinebeck is a little know festivity, where
dyers (in paper ponchos) with water pistols full of Kool-Aid chase and
squirt lambs and each other in the grand arena at Rhinebeck."

I ask you, do I suffer or what? And I have no snappy comeback. Hubbo is the master of the non sequitur! He whips out these comments instantly and I'm left with my mouth hanging open. The other day, I was mumbling on how something was making me crazy, and he said: "How can I tell?" I don't think that Brooklyn Son has this ability, but I'm willing to bet that the Benster will.

Dyeing yarns today, if I ever get dressed. I got up at 10 this morning! Can you imagine? But wow, do I feel well rested!

Mommie news: I visited the Mommie yesterday and she was in a great mood. Her table mates told me that she waltzed out to dinner the other day and said: "Here I am, Miss America!" She really was her old self. I have to admit that I miss the Mommie in her salad days, but I think she is so much funnier now,and she's happy, and she still shakes her finger at me.

And Deborah, may she be blessed with a long and happy life, makes a huge difference. She's someone my mom can argue with, and they have a very good relationship. I pay her handsomely, but I think that what she's doing for my mom is worth every penny. So often, workers in old folks' residences are paid low wages, and that is a pity. These wonderful women have patience and love, and are professional in every way. My feeling is that if you hire quality people, pay them decently, treat them with respect and intelligence, you will get professionalism. I did this in my library days, and it always paid off.

Off the soapbox. A good rant is great for the soul!

Pattern news: A new one coming up next week! The first one I did for the sotm. Look for it on Ravelry, or etsy. Seaside Socks!!!!

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