Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Yarnarian is ancient,, really old. hah!

Another "Old Gram" story, this one not involving that bad SIL!

I was wearing my down coat in the airport going home, and it is slippery. I always take carry-on bags, and the bloody things kept sliding off my shoulders. The up escalator was not functioning, so dummy here decided to walk up 4 very long flights of stairs. And the bags were slipping. So I had to keep putting them down to rearrange them.

There were 2 teenagers right near me, and one of them said: "ma'am, would you like some help carrying your bags?" It was very sweet of her, but I didn't need help, just less slippery coats. This went back and forth because she decided that I needed help. I finally convinced her, and as she joined her friend, she said: "You have to help these older people out, you know."

Ancient gram rides aagain!

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