Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm adjusted! Shrinks take note!

My Leafy Green Socks are a hit! They're loved. People bought the pattern and made lovely comments on Ravelry. My little business sometimes becomes an ego thing; if no one buys, then my stuff is unloved. Would you please tell me why a 64 year old woman in the prime of her life (yup, the 60's are amazing) needs to feel validated? Huh? Why? You know my mantra: Maturity is just a phase, adolescence is forever!

So, did I tell you about my doctor visit? I needed some blood work done for the usual cholesterol, thyroid stuff, plus the blood pressure checked. Haven't heard yet about the first two, but the bp is great! I bow down to the hypertension meds. They work.

Anyhow, they must have had a quiet morning when I got there, because my doctor, who is the nicest, smartest, cutest guy around (as well as being a top notch physician) decides that the podiatrist should look at my feet. Why says I? My feet are perfectly fine. It's the arthritis in the right shoulder that gets me occasionally, as well as the knees and the back. Nope, he says, at least once in your life you need a podiatrist to check out your feet. So the podiatrist checked them out, pronounced them "lovely feet", shaped my nails, got rid of a winter callus or two. It was kind of neat.

Then, the doc says that the chiropractor on staff should look at my back. My back was fine that day. I've never been "adjusted" before, so he went easy on me, and gave me a stim on the arthritic spot. OK, it was interesting.

Are you getting the picture? These guys had a quiet moment and decided that I would be fun to file, clip, stim, and adjust. So I was. Do I feel any different? Nope, but it was fun in a weird sort of way. Given a choice between a massage and an adjustment, I prefer the massage.

The tough part of it all was that I had to go fasting to this orgy of care, and I was pretty hungry. Hey, you have to sacrifice to become adjusted.

Knitting news: I started these yesterday from yarn I had reserved for me in the last dyeing session. I like them. They're different. I got the pattern from a very pricey Japanese pattern book ($60 at Kinokuniya). Adjusted it to make it fit my parameters, and now I'm enjoying it.

By the say, there are no twist stitches or cables in these socks. Decreases and yarn overs only. My kind of socks.

KV - Adjustment and sanity are highly overrated. A bit of lunacy is far more interesting.

Melissa - This is probably the only time in my life that I have not had to wait. I always bring my sock knitting with me, so I really don't mind. But Tues was such a funny visit. I think they were bored, and saw a willing victim in me.

Christine - I told you that I'm an olde broade replete with olde Englishe spellinge. Did you believe me? NOOOOO. The pattern I started yesterday? I'll probably post it to Ravelry first; but I have to finish it. I'm exactly as far as i was yesterday. Dyed 8 skeins today, and two of them have matching mini-skeins for heels and toes. I'm going to try one out to make sure that I have enough for the mini-skein. Any excuse, you know. And any day now, the next SM2 sock will land on us. You want me to dye something for you? There's no obligation on a single skein, because if you don't want it, someone else will. I forgot to mention that I put in an entire career before retiring. My dues have been paid,as they say.

Meg - It was a surrealistic moment at the doctor's office. I giggled about it too all day long.

Jo - The name of the book is 1000 knitting patterns book, and the ISBN is 978-4-529-02142-5. Without tax, it cost $60.50. Pricey, but what a book!

Vicki - I use both Jacquard and Washfast Acid Dyes, and I use Wilton's Food coloring for the yellows. For some reason or other, the Wilton yellows mix well with the dyes, and don't fade out.

Holly - Or Marion Zimmer Bradley. Retirement is a glorious time. If you are willing to take chancea, or fly with a passion of yours, or just do new things, it is a most wonderful time. It's when you vegetate in front of the tv and mope around, that it is a bore. I'm retired now over a year, and I haven't had one single moment of boredom. Not one. Some mightily major stress, which I will not talk about, but right up on the awful list, but even so, it's been the best time of my life.


knittyvritti said...

adjusted is nice, but don't get too adjusted......

love the leafy green socks, btw

Melissa said...

You new socks are looking lovely. Sounds like you had quite the doctors appoinment. When ever I go to the doctors it seems like they are running behind.. kinda like they know I am paying for a babysitter. lol

Christine said...

You are 21 years older than me? I thought you were you are 57 or 58!! Let me know when the new sock pattern is on etsy. I'm reserving one NOW! Do you have any semi solids dyed? Love the blue! And the green from your leafy green socks!

I so envy retired people who don't have to wait at the dr's and have time to knit and design patterns!

Meg said...

Ruth, your "file, clip, stim and adjust" line immediately brought to mind the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy, et al are being spiffed up for their audience with the wizard. I'm going to be giggling all day. Thanks!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Ruth, I love those Japanese socks so much I would like to know the ISBN (or the title if it's in English as well as Japanese) of the book. Only recently discovered these wonderful texts and am a total convert.

I'm busy knitting said...

Very cute sock pattern.
I just started dyeing What kind of dye do you use?

Holly said...

We are not old or even older, they are all just children! It is a matter of attitude more than age.

And why should we not continue to write, design and work as long as it gives us pleasure?

(go look up Andre Norton if you want to see a long and fascinating career.


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