Friday, March 28, 2008

The Yarnarian dyes again!

This is what I did yesterday after I finally got my act together. Boy, do I love to dye! As you can see in the sidebar, these are already listed on Etsy.

Pansy, Sagebrush, Spring Has Sprung!

Yarns not yet on Etsy, and not going to be uploaded there until Sunday or Monday; if you want, email me or Ravel me: Woodland, Mountain Mama, and River View!

One or two more coming depending on whether I keep any of them for moi.

Hubbo and I are off to his Rescue Squad dinner dance tonight. And that's all that's new around here.

Whoops, Sagebrush was just scooped up by a very savvy buyer> Yay, buyers! I really do have the nicest customers, but then knitters and crocheters are good folk. They better be, or else the mean Yarnarian will find them and take away their needles!

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