Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vocabulary update!

Matzo meal - matzo finely smooshed to make a kind of matzo flour.

Matzo brei - pancake made with eggs, crushed matzos, seasoning, etc. and fried. Sounds weird but is in fact delicious.

Matzo meal pancakes - pancakes made with matzo meal. Not the same at all as brei.

Matzo balls - also known as "knaidlach" (gutteral ch) The source of many, many discussions and kvetching at the seder table. People either want sinkers or floaters. Sinkers are cannonballs, very dense, and when you try to cut them in the chicken soup, they are known to take a flying leap out of the bowl. Floaters are heavenly creations with no al dente to them at all. People are very opinionated about which knaidlach they like. In my family, we've all had the great talent of making both out of the same batter. We don't know why. Maybe because we're Hungarians!

Seder - means "order". The ceremonial meal where you tell the story of the Exodus and what preceded it and what follows. Lots of fun, confusion, and general merriment except for the cook, who spends the bulk of the first part of the seder in the kitchen. And only emerges to imbibe in the 4 glasses of wine. By the end of the wine, she doesn't really care where she is.

Dani and Kay - I don't like Hamantaschen, so no recipe! I make matzo brei as one enormous pancakey mess. It doesn't look so good, but is it ever tasty! If you want to post a recipe here for Hamantaschen or matzo brei, post it, and i'll repost it here.

Emily - We actually bought one box of whole wheat matzo last night also. DDs much prefer whole wheat. Me, I think it tastes like gritty cardboard, but what do I know.

Holly - We used to make really weird food for Passover, like matzo pizza, and other tasty treats like that. The kids and I would just giggle at the awfulness of it. Chocolate covered matzo, Oh I really love that stuff. I get and extra box or 2 for after the holiday. Can you imagine? But regular matzos until next year. 8 days in a row is more than sufficient. "Lo, this is the bread of affliction." They weren't kidding.


Emily said...

I love everything matzoh. Yum!

Kay said...

I could eat sinkers or floaters. They are sort of like dumplings, and all are good.

But do you have a great recipe for hamentashen?

Dani said...

Matzo brei is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. Growing up, I didn't have it as a pancake, but more a scrambled version.

Dani said...

Kay - i have my grandmothers i will email you in a sec (and if anyone else wants it, feel free to drop me a note

Holly said...

chocolate covered matzah - the only thing my teens will touch anymore after the Seder.
In fact, they are already complaining and we are weeks away!


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