Monday, March 24, 2008

The Yarnarian is Zonked!

Not much sleep last night so the Yarnarian is kind of loopy this morning. Hubbo's car is in for inspection, so he has my car. I'm housebound, and I'm just fine with that. Too fuzzy to drive.

What I NEED is a cuppa strong tea. And I have just the answer. A hot shot tea from Tea Noir, my favorite indie tea blender. Boy, does Kate know how to blend the most interesting teas. I'm going to have a cup of a Yerba Mate (pronounced mache) called Let's Split: mate with banana, cherry, and walnut. OK, I know it sounds weird, but it's not. A bit of Splenda or sugar and you have one very tasty brew. And it has a punch to it. And you can brew it a couple of times.

Knitting news: I finished the first Falling Rain sock. Here it is in all it's soggy glory: The leg has the rain blowing here and there, the heel back has a steady downpour, and the instep has gentle raindrops.

Yesterday we, along with DD#1 and her guy, went to BF's for Easter Dinner. As usual it was such a nice treat. We'll reciprocate as usual with Passover and the first seder.

I brought a mocha pudding cake. This is a magical recipe perfect for novice bakers, and kids who are awed by it. Basically you mix up your dry ingredients, add the liquids, plop in a greased baking pan. Then you sprinkle a combo of sugar and cocoa on top, and then pour boiling coffee all over it. Don't mix. Bake immediately. When it bakes, the liquid sinks to the bottom and the batter rises through that same liquid, and it forms a solid cake with pudding through and under it. I got the recipe from one of my favorite cook books: Have your cake and eat it too by Susan Purdy. Great recipes for those of us watching our cholesterol intake. And the recipes don't taste like diet food.

Emily - I think some places, like parochial schools, may have today off, but the majority of business is open. I'm going to knit, do some laundry, make dinner, and nap. Especially nap!

Melissa - I spent most of yesterday moaning how tired I was. And this morning I'm wandering around totally out of it. I'm going to the gym this morning because that will wake me up.


Emily said...

Love the sock. I'm homebound too. It's a holiday today. Is it in the US? Anyway, TH decided to work today since no one will be around and he can get crap down. Plus it's snowing so I feel like doing nothing else but knitting. :)

Melissa said...

Your sock looks wonderful! I hope you enjoyed a restful day yesterday. I need to have a homebound day or two. :)


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