Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yarns and Odds

So last night as we were dining on yet another gourmet meal in Whole Foods, Hubbo casually asked me if I were flying out to Minneapolis on Thurs or Wed. "NO", says the Yarnarian, "I'm out on Tues." "Are you sure?" asked the Hubbo. And so it went, through the entire first, middle and last course of the salad bar, the drive home, and in the garage. DUH, I'm flying out on Wed. Good thing we checked.

I did redeem myself by winning a game of Scrabble. We are Scrabble play-for-blood players, but only with each other. We do not give an inch, our boards are so constipated with words upon words, and we do not let the other player get near a triple word score. Baby, this is Scrabble with blood on our minds. And we are so evenly matched that our scores are usually within 20 points or so, unless it's a case of one person getting all the goodies while the other gets all vowels. So this game we each got a 7 letter word, but I won. Happy Dance. (I am a very sore loser!)

The first pattern came through on the Sock Pentathlon. Looks pretty easy, and I think I'll knit it for DD in the frozen northland. I'm not going to be competitive in this one; I'll save that for Sock Madness 2. I just want to do it for the fun of it. It wil be one of my Minneapolis socks.

I also started the cute lace sock last night on my Pistachio yarn. The almost-solid one. Of course the pattern shows up beautifully. I'm going to dye up a bunch of these almost-solid yarns, and see how they sell. I adore all my multi-colors, but I have to admit that they get tetchy in the wrong pattern.

Here's a pic of Pistachio. Me, being me, I dyed up a pastel yarn, but I think I will also play with dark almost-solids, or tones upon tones. In other words, overdyeing.

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La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh my word! That is some awfully pretty yarn, Ruth. You do terrific work.

Kudos, by the way, on your Scrabble win. How exciting that you and your husband are word nuts.


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