Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Yarnarian gets grandiose and signs up for 2 different sock competitions!

There are times when the Yarnarian is totally and completely out to lunch! I know that that's hard to believe, but alas, it is true.

This is what the Yarnarian did. She signed up for 2 different sock competitions held at about the same time: Sock Knitters Pentathlon (starting March 1) and Sock Madness 2 (starting around the middle of March, I think). Why did I do this to myself? Me with the tetchy wrists and a business to run (OK a mini-business, but it still takes tons of time) Why? What ever possessed me? Clearly I was NOT looking at the time sequence of these activities. Yarn I have, needles too, but I don't knit that fast any more because of my stress injuries. Knittyvritti, I need my head shrunk!

Well, I shall do the best that I can, but what are the odds I'll get anywhere at all with intensive sock knitting? And me off for some daughter and grandchild doting next week.


Knitting news: You know that pretty yarn I dyed a couple of days ago just for me? I made about 4 attempts at different intricate lace patterns with it and they were all crummy. You couldn't see the lace for the color changes. So I went back to one of my sock fall backs, and am now knitting a Roundabout. And it is so much nicer. You'll have to ignore the sloppy diagonal of the ssk; it will all clear up when washed. Yay, wool!

So here's what I've been thinking: I should start to dye up semi-solid yarns. Semi-solid in the sense that I use only one color and that varies here and there in value, and this way has a brighter feel than a completely solid yarn. And these yarns would really show off all sorts of lace and cable patterns. And so, today I dyed up an apple green yarn. I wanted pistachio but got apple green instead. But rather pretty. It's hanging up to dry and tomorrow I'll post a pic.

I also did a sort of antique rose/green/tan yarn, which I think I'll like a lot. Very pale and faded-looking. And 4 more, all of which you'll see tomorrow, I hope.

Emily - No tears, just teeth gnashing. Don't you love the word "gnashing"? You could say: "What are you gnashing about gnow?"

Melissa and Erin - I hear you. Almost solids are in my mind. They're coming after the frozen northland trip.

Jo and Bev - Almost solids are coming up. We are crazy knitters, we sock madness ones, not to mention the pentathlon. Where is a shrink when I need her. ;-) but we'll have fun, or dye trying. Didja get the pun, didja?


Emily said...

That sock looks great so far.

And good luck with the sock competitions. No tears. No tears!

Melissa said...

Your sock is looking lovely! Good luck with the sock competitions. I can only knit fast when I don't need to. I am also signed up for the sock pentathalon.
I love the idea of you dying semi-solid yarns. I love all the yarn you dye, but I have been drawn to semi-solids lately. If my money was tight, and my husband didn't have two jobs, I would buy everything you dye.

Melissa724 on Ravelry

Erin said...

As much as I adore all of the beautiful multi-colored yarns out there, semi-solid is so much more practical. I haven't made a straight stockinette sock since I finished my first pair--I much prefer lace and cables--so the variegated just doesn't work out that well.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Agree with Erin and Melissa - semi-solids are really the way to go if you want your pretty patterning to get the attention it deserves. Can't wait to see the apple green -I'm experimenting with greens too at the moment, and can never get the one that is in my mind's eye.

Yay, you're in Sock Madness! Prepare for hysteria, horror, stress like you've never known it... (I was so tempted by Pentathlon but did in fact look at the dates and decide the two were not compatible.)

Bev said...

Ruth, I did the same thing. I thought it would be great fun to see how fast I can knit I know that I can do a pair in 5 days. So I will have to see what happens.
Good luck and lets have fun.


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