Monday, February 18, 2008

Today I am a Philosopher! Oh, just read it! Grammie says it's good for you!

Yeah, yeah. Don't groan, just read the post

Let's talk about age. Here's the thing. When you get older, your body also gets older. You ache, you creak, your knees are not what they were. So?

But your head gets better and better. The minute you turn 50, you start to forget words. It's as if your head is stuffed with all kinds of useless information, and you have to sift through all that junk to find a word. But, emotionally, you are ON!!! You can stop reading all those self-help books, all those self-actualization books, all that kind of stuff. Why? Because you know it already!

I worked all those years with people who were a few years older, younger, but mostly around my age. And we all went through the same emotional seesaws. At some point, you learn radical acceptance, and then you get on with your life. And if you don't, baby, you are one unhappy camper. Yeah, you still rant and complain about bad behaviour, crummy restaurants, etc., but you start to find humor in the human condition that you never noticed before.

But still, adolescence is forever, maturity is just a phase. Just so you don't think that you become this rosy-cheeked, optimist. Nah, you're still human and you still do dumb. So?

So, here's my age question of the day: How come, when you're in your 60's (ok, 64!), you don't socialize with younger or much older people. When you go to a party, you hang out with people your own age. You kind of look for each other. And the same is true in reverse. Somewhere in the middle, when you are in your 30s and 40s, the great divider becomes kids. If you don't have kids, you might tend to hang out with other childless people. Maybe because you can't stand yet another poopy discussion. On the other hand, if all your friends have kids and you don't, you can still hang out with them. But do you become friends with someone 20-30 years older than you?

The neat thing about the internet and Ravelry in particular is that it cuts through age, geography, kids, occupation issues. You can create a virtual group of friends.

That's it. No more philosophy until whenever.

Knitting news: I cast on for a new pair of socks, didn't like the pattern with the yarn, so I ripped it all out. Now I have the new ribbing done, and I'm thinking of making an arrow head sock. There's not much point in showing pics of ribbing, so no photos today.

I'm off to do a bit of dyeing. It's so gloomy outside that I need some color to play with.

Holly - My kids are all grown and DD has 5 yr old Miss P. So in my grammie-hood, I tend to find other grammies at parties. The beauty of Ravely is that I "hang out" with kniters of all ages.

When I worked, my co-workers were pretty much my age, although in the last couple of years we added some women my daughters' ages. And we enjoyed each other's company lots.

I think if you have something in common, then that cuts through age lines.


Margene said...

That's the main thing about Blogland, the internet and places like's an equalizer and I love it! Happy Birthday a day late!!

Proseknitic said...

I tend to hang with people who have similar interests. Doesn't depend that much on age.
It helps perhaps that at work there is a significant variety of ages, and places in life.
Having had my kids older, if it is teen discussions, most others with teens are at least 10 years younger.


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