Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today I am a Birthday Girl, ok a Birthday Woman!

Yup, it's the annual natal day. I've moved one year further into Old Broad status. I think I see the beginning of a very tiny wrinkle. But compared to the Mommie, I'm a young chippie.

My sweet Hubbo got me the pair of earrings that I picked out (see some earlier post), a card, a cute mug that he found at a thrift shop, a box of teas that I know he found either on significant sale at some store or at a garage sale, and, best of all, one of those little pocket calendars that you get for free at the stationery store. I needed one of those so badly and all that I found that were left were big calendars. Yay, Hubbo! And, he wrapped the tea box up in Chanukah wrapping paper.

I love the weird and wonderful Hubbo gifts. I'm at the point where I can buy anything (within reason) that I want. I used to buy a lot of yarn, but now that I'm dyeing it, I hardly buy any. And my clothing needs are way down, so that expense is almost non-existent. So, I don't need much and consequently don't buy much. But the Hubbo always finds these interesting things at his thrifting moments. So it's always fun to get gifts from him. I never know what they will be.

We visited the Benster and his parents yesterday. He is the cutest 2 year old in the universe. I'm madly in love with him. What a sunny disposition! He gets it from his parents, who are just wonderful people. I have nice step kids.

And speaking of kids, Minneapolis DD, SIL, and Miss P are coming for part of Passover. And NYC DD and her guy and coming for seder too. So in April I'll have the whole gang here. Plus the Mommie and everyone else. I think I said this already. See, the mind is going south.

Today we're going for lunch at a place in Stockton that serves home-made marshmallows in their hot chocolate. I never, ever remember the name of the restaurant, but it is not the Stockton Inn.

Knitting news: I finally finished the Ripples and Waves Socks. I'm now planning the next one. Will post pics when I have something to post. All I've done is cast on.

Hi, Kay, Emily and Pamudom - Thanks for your birthday wishes. I really had a pleasant quiet birthday.

Holly - That is so true. When you're young, you want presents. When you're on the downward slide from middle age, giggles and a present are just wonderful!

Grace - The name of the restaurant in Stockton is Meil's. Let me tell you about their almond crescent french toast. Whoo Hoo!


Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! Some of the best people are born in February!

Emily said...

Wishing you the very best on your birthday. :)a

pamudom said...

Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Holly said...

Ruth -

all the best and may you have many more.
Your Hubbo is great - it is the time and thought (coupled with whimsy) that makes gifts count when we are past those young years.


Grace Yaskovic said...

sorry I am late happy birthday Ruth. Do you know the name of the restaurant in Stockton now?

Grace Yaskovic said...

thank you Ruth for the name DH and I have to get there when I get well!!!!


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