Friday, February 15, 2008

Today I am Lazy!

Oh, yes, I'm still in my robe and nightie and it's 11:55 AM in NJ. I will get showered and dressed after lunch. We don't want to hurry this thing.

Knitting News: I put a sock pattern on my etsy site: Oh Gee, Socks!. I tried, oh how I tried to put in on Ravelry, but patterns for sale are just not ready yet. AT least the PDF part of it is still in the works. So, If you would like a copy of those socks, you'll have to get it on Etsy. AND, I don't know how many copies to list, so, if it's all sold out, convo me, or email me, or Ravel me, or comment here, and I'll put up more copies.

How come designing and knitting socks is so much easier than writing up the patterns and selling them? Grumble, grumble!

Family News: Minneapolis DD and I chatted for a couple of hours (!) last night, and she, her hubby, and Miss P are coming for part of Passover. This should be a lot of fun as well as a lot of chaos. Hubbo and I are used to being a pair; we married long after our kids left home. So anytime my family descends upon us, it's very chaotic for us. We're just not used to piles of people around. I love it, because I don't get to see the gang all that often. Seeing Hubbo's kids is easier because we generally go there (Brooklyn and Massachusetts).

So now our little seder has grown to Mammoth Seder! If everyone comes, there'll be 20 of us. It's a little early to worry about this, since Passover is not until Mid-April. But it's as good a thing to worry about as anything else.

And now, I shall do the world a favor and clean up! We're going out to dinner tonight with BF and BFH (Best Friend's Hubby), and we're going to one of our favorite places, The Quiet Man in Dover. Yippee!

Holly - The thought of a big seder is daunting to me. I've only had little ones. In another life, we went to my sister's for seder. I only started doing it about 3 years ago. I managed to get through 60 years of life without having to have one. Now I'm paying for it. Tee hee! Well, it's all close family plus my dearest friend and hubby, and they are so close to us that they're also family. And, most people at the seder are not Jewish, so what i forget, they won't know. Hah! Still, all that food. I do have dishes though. We bought a whole bunch of Pesach dishes a couple of years ago, so I have lots, both meat and dairy. I think it will be fun if daunting.

Knittivritti - Thanks for the birthday song. No chocolate this year, but I did get a big box of tea and other goodies. More on Feb. 17th post.


Holly said...

Hey - it is never too soon to plan for Pesach!
Rather than deal with the mess at my house, I help organize and put on the community seder for first night. Last year it was about 50.
That means two kitchens to kasher.. but making two turkeys (only large kosher anything carried by the commissary) is easier than having that many in my house.
I fondly remember my university days - going to someone else's house and only have to do dishes!

Ibunnysavetroy said...

love the sock pattern so pretty!

knittyvritti said...

dear ruth,

it's sunday in real birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ruth, happy birthday to you.......enjoy the chocolate!


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