Saturday, February 9, 2008

Teeth and Socks

I had an emergency appointment with the dentist yesterday. A part of my tooth fell out, and the area felt tender. Yup, a cavity. A big cavity. Under a partial crown, no less. A now-filled with cement cavity. And you guessed it: a probable root canal in that tooth. I like teeth to behave themselves and quietly do what they were made for: chew. Root canals are not my favorite activity.

I went to Hubbo's dentist, a very pleasant, kind (as in novocaine) dentist. I called my old dentist and he now has no listing. Not a good moment for a practicing dentist. I guess he's not practicing. But this new guy is very close to my house, and Hubbo likes him very much. So I switched. And now I need to set up that rc appointment. He's pretty sure that I'll need one sooner than later. I'm going out to Minneapolis at the beginning of March, so I don't want a tooth moment then. So, I'm going to be an adult and call for an appointment. Notice that I'm in a mature phase.

It's nice to have a blog, where I can post these exciting events in my life and get to drive some poor reader to fall asleep. So now onto the main event:


I started my new sock with that pretty ball of yarn in yesterday's post. I like both yarn and pattern very much.

Thanks, Emily and iabrenda. Toofies are a pain in the mouth. Snarl. I'll call the endodontist on Monday and get this thing taken care of before I fly out to Minnesota.

I'd rather knit!

Deniasha - I like teeth, except when they don't behave. Thanks for your sympathy.

knittivritti - Spewing is good! We can call you the volcanic knittivritti!


Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. Not fun. But, that sock is gorgeous! Love the pattern and the colors.

Anonymous said...

I had to have a tooth extracted about 18 months ago. I have a phobia of all things medical, and I put myself through some real torture *before* the appointment. To be honest, it was over before I even knew what happened. The first novocain shot hurt, but after that, I only felt pressure. I kept the tooth, and it's a big molar that had a crown on it. Very gruesome indeed, but I have it here on my desk in a little plastic box to remind me that I can probably do allot more things that I have myself convinced that I can't. I hope your appointment goes as well as mine did---good luck.

Carolyn said...

Ouch. I'm sorry to hear of all the tooth problems. Pain in the mouth and pain n the wallet.

The socks are fabulastic!!! (You need a tester for those!??!!)

deniasha said...

I'm so sorry for your misery! Teeth problems are no fun no matter what! Thank goodness knitting and beautiful yarns can cure so many alignments.

knittyvritti said...

Sorry about the tooth! And thanks for words of support. After two days of eating junk food and whining to whoever will listen to me, I think I will be on top of the rock soon, but I will be spewing something more venomous than piffle!


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