Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today I am a Princess!

I'm taking today as a "vacation" day. You wouldn't think that a retired person would need a vacation day, but I do. I need to get out of my routine just to refresh myself.
So, no dyeing, reskeining, or etsy stuff today other than taking care of orders.
I plan on a little bit of housework: laundry, dinner (tuna noodle casserole), and lots and lots of knitting and reading.

And, get this, I'm going to wear pretty clothing, aka a lacy shawl over whatever I wear. No jeans, a nice pair of slacks, pretty socks, well I always wear pretty socks, a nice sweater. I shall be a Princess!

My new sock is done. I'm working on the second one. I'm thinking of called it Curves, but I'm not thrilled with the name. What do you think? It's a blah name for a spiffy sock. Any ideas would be welcome.

Two great names so far; Berry Roundabouts and Wink. Thanks, Erin and Melissa.

Pam,you look gawgeous in them jammies.

Ambermoggie: that's another great idea. And your comment just made me realize that I forgot to mail out your yarn for your hospice socks.

Mamamay - I bet you look mighty cute. Preggers ladies always look cute even when they hit the beached whale moment.

Birdy - What a great name! I'll save that one for a lovely lacy scarf.

Hi, Knitt Vritti - Happy Heart Day to you and yours!

Amanda - Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Emily - Thanks. They are a lot of fun to knit.


Made by Melissa said...

Those socks are great! How about calling them Berry Roundabouts? I hope you enjoy your princess day, we all need one from time to time.

Erin said...

Cool socks! How about Wink? They look like eyes winking to me...

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

How about "Undulations"?

As for pretty clothes, I'm wearing my ladybug jammies today.

ambermoggie said...

they are great:)
how about bunting(they remind me of banners)
waving glory

MamaMay said...

I love days like that. I have a hard time dressing pretty right now due to the fact that I am pregnant and well too big to fit my pretty clothing... Only bad thing about being 6 month big, still small enough not to feel huge and ugly but too big to fit your cute cloths!

I have to agree on the sock name. I don't visualize your sock when i hear the name. How about Marquise. Just reminds me of the cut.

Birdwell said...

What about Baile Folklorico?

It's a Mexican folk dance and the women dance with full skirted dresses that they swish around--it's beautiful and right off that's what i saw when I saw you're lovely socks.

Here's a wiki article with a pic:

knittyvritti said...

happy valentine's day! thanks for reading, and writing.

Amanda said...

The socks are gorgeous!
And your princess day sounds pretty great too.

Emily said...

Reminds me of lingerie. I love 'em.


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