Monday, February 11, 2008

I dyed, therefore I am. Or something like that.

Dyeing Rules!

I dyed a bunch yesterday and you can see them on the etsy sidebar over on the right. Here they are reskeined, which, as you know, makes a huge difference. I was going to call Wildflower "Circus", but reskeined it didn't look even remotely like a circus; it looked like wildflowers to me.

Winter arrived here in northern NJ. Windy, cold, reminds me of Minnesota. We had such wind coming through yesterday afternoon. It was really scary. No damage to us, but some cold aire it pulled through.

Hubbo story: I forgot to tell you that Saturday, Hubbo and I landed in one of my favorite gift shops in Morristown. He told me to pick out a pair of earrings, which I did. Then he had them boxed and gift wrapped, and told me that they were for my birthday. So now I have a birthday present that I can't open, and I know what it is. He also got me a thumb drive, which I am using.

We were also walking down the street and I was way ahead of him. So of course he yells "Roofie, slow down" at the top of his lungs. He's so much fun.

Knittivritti - If you look at Ravelry under ruth (moi), you'll see some scarves I made with sock yarn. I used Iris Schreier's patterns, which were a pain to figure out, but once that was done, moved along nicely. I'm also in process of making a tam using my sock yarn. But don't hold your breath for that one, because I'm in serious sock mode. Is there any reason why you don't wear wild socks? DD #1 won't wear them because she's a New Yorker who basically wears black.

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knittyvritti said...

maybe the most beautiful batch of yarns yet--they just keep getting better. what would you make with them besides socks? i don't have a lot of familiarity with variegated yarns, but they do make my heart beat faster. when you only wear black or white socks, seeing these yarns is a real tease. do you have any photos of what non-sock knitters have done with your beautiful yarns?


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