Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today I am a knitter; Yesterday I was a dyer.

I finished the Forwards and Back sock! And I love it. Here are a couple of pictures. I'm going to offer the pattern as a freebie. As you can see, it works so nicely with striping yarn, and it will do equally well with lots of colors.

Yesterday I did some dyeing, mostly for my SOTM club, so I can't post the pictures here. But they really are pretty. And, I actually dyed a yarn just for me! I can't say if this is an original colorway; I think I saw something like it somewhere. So, if it looks like I've copied your yarn, it wasn't intentional. The colors probably stayed in my head. At any rate, it's done just for moi, which is unusual for me. If I want yarn, I'll pick something out of the dye jobs. But as I said, this was in my color brain, so I dyed it.

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Coming soon (well later today):
Schwinkelberries! Everything you've always wanted to know about them, and everything you have never wanted to know about them. Stay tuned. You will be amazed, thrilled, skeptical, confused, and bewildered!

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