Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blog peeping and bad pun

I dyed a bunch of yarns today, some for me to try out, some for the sock club, and some to sell.

That's today's news. But take a peek at these blogs today. Some interesting pics and blogs:

If you want to see some awesome Africa pictures, take a look here, at the knittyvritti site.

Pics of a pretty shawl by Evelyn Clark. I love lace knitting! Here.

New Mexico and awesome color knitting here.

Jen is destashing. Help her out to make more room for more stash here.

Bad pun of the year. If Eliot Spitzer (gov of NY) manufactured soda, the firm could be called "Spitzer's Spritzers".

Jen - You're welcome.

Knittivritti - Your pics are special!


Jen said...

Thanks for mentioning my destashing adventure!

knittyvritti said...

And thanks for mentioning my trip pics as well. Remember the days when you would invite your friends over and make them look at your travel slides--feels a little like that!


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