Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today I am a Frog! Kiss me please, because it's Valentine's Day!

Yesterday I was a Princess; today I am a frog. Nah, I just wanted to write that.

It was a lovely day, and I highly recommend it to everyone. If you're a stay-at-home person, give yourself a treat, and if you work outside the home, take a Mental Health Day!!! I'm so energized that I'm going to dye yarn today, and have a doctor visit. But no supper cooking; tonight's our weekly "Eat at Whole Foods Salad Bar" supper.

I've gotten such great names for my socks, and here's what I've decided at the moment: Ripples and Waves. I know, it's a wimpy name, but it does describe them. The other contender is "Festoon". I love the word "festoon". It just "oons" on the tongue.

I did do one non-royal thing yesterday; I wrote up the pattern for the socks. It was not a princessy moment. Lots of work,and lots of grumbling on my part. But the first draft is done. We are talking 4 charts and 4 written instructions. About 9 pages in total. I sent the file to Judy, and she's going to test it for me. Carolyn has the 2nd of the SOTM socks to test. So lots of socks are going on.

Knitting News: I actually listed a pattern for sale on Etsy.

Facinating stuff: 1. I like using KnitPicks Options needles for my socks. And I use either size 1 (2.25mm) or size 1.5 (2.5mm), which are pretty skinny. They have very sharp points. So sharp in fact, that I poked a little hole in one of my fingers. So now I knit with a piece of scotch tape on that spot.

2. I bought a tea sampler from Tea Noir on Etsy: Cosmo, Mojito, Turkish Delight, and Cashmere. They came yesterday and now I'm having a cup of Turkish Delight, which is delightful. Aren't those great names?

3. I baked bread for the first time in months on Tues. I made a rosemary/thyme/garlic bread, and it is delicious.

4. Last night I watched Super Nanny. Seriously bratty kids. I never watch this show, but I was cruising tv and hit upon this. those kids were so awful and I couldn't resist watching.

5. Real tv: Jane Austen on PBS. We're in the middle of my favorite book of all time, Pride and Prejudice.

6. Loony Valentine's Day tradition. My birthday is Feb. 17, and Hubbo, bless his frugal heart, has figured out that he can get wonderful chocolates really reduced in price if he buys a couple of days after Valentine's Day. So I always get a box of Godiva on my birthday. And he buys it on the cheap. And we think it's funny.

Emily - Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Enjoy your fondue. I haven't had fondue in ages. Yummy stuff!

Anonymous - Even better: Festooned Swags!


Emily said...

Happy V-Day. TH and I are off to a nice fondue dinner tonight. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Sock name: Swags. Huh. It's a neat word to say, but doesn't it look ugly in print?


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