Friday, February 8, 2008


Politics. Read or ignore.
So what do you think about Super Tuesday? Here comes my soapbox! Skip if it offends you. Nah, read it anyway; it's good for you.

I think this is the most exciting election process in decades! Since I'm a liberal New England/Mid Atlantic states person, I'm of course solidly in the Democratic camp. I love the Obama/Clinton dynamic. Here's my perfect ticket: Clinton for president, and Obama for VP. This would give him the necessary experience to run again for pres. I'm hoping that this country has finally gotten past the "no woman, no black" crap. Prejudice is dumb, not based on reality, and constricting to the country's welfare. Really, boys and girls, it's time we moved on from this stuff.

Republicans - I like McCain. He seems middle of the road to me and not mired in conservative extremism. I could live with him. He can talk to both sides of the aisle, and doesn't represent just one group's way of thinking.

I'm very opinionated, but I welcome all comments arguing with me. That's the beauty of this country. We are not a monolithic entity, but a conglomeration of many peoples, religions, and races.

Back to Knitting

I spent the last couple of days dyeing and reskeining and I finally finished both "Oh Gee, Socks". I'm about to start a new pr of socks today. I have the yarn picked out. My new base yarn, which I think I'm going to like very much. Here's a pic of the yarn, all ready to go.

I started a fair isle type of tam and I'm using leftover sock yarn, plus dyed a skein in black/charcoal/lt gray. I just dumped the yarn into the dye solution, squooshed it around, wrung it out, and came up with a non-solid yarn, which is what I wanted. Here it is, very early in the game.

And, Here are some new yarns that are going the Etsy route.

And take a look at this honey of a yarn. I'm keeping this one for me. If I like how it turns out as a sock, I'll dye up more like it. I dyed this in a short skein, not my usual large skein, so I want to see how it works up. This type of dyeing is easy for me to duplicate.

Creative - Whew you didn't hit me over the head with my political views. When are you going to Stitches? May you come home with all your stock sold!

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Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work. I love you new colors.

For politics I would like either Clinton or Obama to be president then the other one be vise president.

That would rock and I know we'll see some major changes.


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