Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm high on Ravelry.

Yeah, Ravelry! Casey put in this feature that enables me to see who is knitting, queuing, marking as a favorite, commenting, etc.on my pattern(s). Wow! It's so gratifying to see so many folks liking Roundabout Socks. I'll have to do more. What an ego trip I'm on. I am insufferable, and you can throw marshmallows or skins of yarn at me to calm me down.

If you haven't put your name in on the Ravelry list, do it NOW! You won't get any knitting done for a while because you'll be so sucked into cruising the site. But people list a gazillion free knitting and crocheting patterns, and there are over 3200 subgroups.

Yarnie news: I have a new sock yarn that I'm going to play with. 75% wool/25% nylon, with over 450 yards. Undyed, it looks a tad thinner than my usual yarn, Penny. Dyeing changes the yarn a bit. No time today to dye, and anyhow, I'm somewhat dyed out, but probably on Sunday I'll play with it. I'm going to call it Rose. You know, that PennyRose thing. Not that Rosie cares, or Miss P for that matter. It's a Grandma moment.

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