Thursday, January 31, 2008

The "Duh" of all duhs!

I was reading Alison's blog this morning, and she had a cute story which involved a "duh" moment. So I thought I'd share the mother of all 'duhs" with you.

Way back when, when elder DD was around a year old, my ex worked in New York, and usually took the train in to work. So, one Friday, we were scheduled to go to the in-laws for the weekend, and I packed us up. Ex would drive us after work, and it was only a 45 minute drive away.

The phone rings about 5:30, and it's ex telling me that he fell asleep and got off in Millburn, which was a few stops away. Would I pick him up? Sure. So I plopped child in car, and picked him up. We got home, and were ready to take his car for our drive. Uh oh. Where's his car? Not in the parking lot of our apartment house. Then he remembered: he had driven into NY. So I said, what about taking my car, and then on Monday you can drive home in yours. Nope, he was afraid his car would get towed, so he had to retrieve it.

Ok, so he then took the next train into NY, and this was in 1971, when there was no mid-town direct train. He had to go to Hoboken, and then take the Path into the city. Getting the picture?

Goes into the city, gets the car, drives back to NJ. We pile in and drive to in-laws. We're all relaxing and having a nice chat when he remembers! He has important work that he left in his office, and he has to work on it that weekend.

So, we say good bye to his family, pile back into that car, and then proceed to drive into New York. DD and I wait in the car while he dashes up to his office. He comes downstairs with nothing, I mean nothing in his hands! Goes to the trunk of the car, and guess what? There are the papers in his briefcase.

So we drove back to NJ, and stayed home for the rest of the weekend.

Knitting moment:

"Oh Gee" is coming along nicely. This is a charming and easy pattern to work. The leg and heel are done, and I'm just going to turn that heel.

Heel turned, and gussets in progress. The little stitch marker is there to mark the middle of the gusset stitches so that I don't muck it up.

Jen: I dyed that yarn to sell, but kept it because I was greedy. tee hee.

Alison: I don't know if it was quality time, but it was very very funny. Not to him of course, but I thought it was hilarious.

Mama May: I answered you on Ravelry.


Jen said...

Love the story and love the socks! That color is beautiful and so is the pattern.

AlisonH said...

I can so see me doing that. Oh well, you got to spend lots of unexpected time together, right? (Hoping that was a good thing.) Love the socks!

MamaMay said...

WHAT! they made it so you can see who faved your designs now as well as queue the design! I have to go check that out right now...

Ummm how did you check. All I can see is who has a finished project of my designs not who faved or queued it...


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