Saturday, January 5, 2008

We have pictures! Finally!

Ta Da! I have a computer that interfaces with my camera! OK, it's our sort of old laptop, but I'm thrilled. My main baby won't be ready for about 10 days. But this is just fine. Not as fast, but I am NOT complaining or even ranting. I'm in wise mind, and am just happy that it's working. Yes!

I actually uploaded some yarn pics onto the computer and also onto Flickr, and then I listed 2 yarns on Etsy. With pics. How can I possibly sell yarn without pictures of said yarn? But now we have liftoff. OK, enough of the picture story. I've done this one to death.

The Benster 2nd birthday party was a lot of fun. An entire house of munchkins two and under and their parents. It was pretty wild. You had to keep looking down so as not to step on a kidlet. The other Grandparents were there (there are 3 sets of us), and we all chatted with each other about how cute the little ones were. And then, one by one, the 2 year olds began to disintegrate. It was nap time for them, so home they went. A cute giggly moment.

More non-exciting news: I got my dye shipment from Pro-Chem today. Yes, I can probably produce all those colors myself, but this is sooooo easy. I have new guys like chocolate, spearmint, mauve, etc. I feel a yarn called choco-mint ice cream coming on.

Knittivritti - You haven't lived until you've danced with a niddy noddy in one hand and yarn in the other. Either the reskeining was wacko, or the dancing was confused. I think the treadmill is a lot easier!

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