Monday, January 7, 2008

Yarns for Yarnies by the Yarnarian!

Do you want to see some of my upcoming yarns? The answer is yes, of course, we'd love to see your new and upcoming yarns. Immediately if not sooner.

You are so polite. Well, since you pressured me, here are some goodies to be put on Etsy at various points.

1. Choco-mint Ice Cream

2. Toffee Brickle

3. Delft

Dinner: We're having home-made mac and cheese for dinner, made in the crock pot. And you put in the macaroni uncooked. I have some delicious gruyere and cheddar hanging around. Now to figure out how not to over salt this thing. Impossible, so we'll be extra careful on sodium tomorrow.

Sunrise, Sunset in my neck of NJ:

Sunrise is still 7:22. Sunset, however, is at 4:46. Hang in there, we'll have still longer days.

Tues. note: The mac 'n' cheese was very tasty, but lacked salt. Hubbo and I have gotten very used to no salt, but even with the cheese, it lacked that salty zip. It was very rich tasting, though. And mindlessly easy. I'll do it again, but will put in a bit of salt or some herbs to give it a lift.


knittyvritti said...

a whole lotta droolin' going on!!! imagine what a post with mint-chocolate chip ice cream yarn(try the ciao bella version at least once, even tho' it's pricy...) and mac and cheese together does to the salivary glands.

andrea said...

Choco-mint ice cream. YUM! (not the ice cream - the yarn!)

Grace Yaskovic said...

i hate choco chip mint ice cream but your yarn is lovely I am over in Parsippany not at all far from you! Toffeee Brickle is great too

Ruth said...

HI, Grace,
Both ice creams are gone. Now I have to dye up more.
Hey, neighbor!

Grace Yaskovic said...

just commenting on the beautiful colors you did!!! I never eat chocolate chip mint icecream but your yarn was pretty enough to eat!!!! Yay no snow!!!


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