Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've got me love.

Oh, the weather outside is cloudy,
And my dyeing is gonna be rowdy,
As long as I've no place to fly,
Let me dye, let me dye, let me dye!

And I did! Dye! Rowdily!

The month of love is hot on our heels, and it makes me want to dye up some lurve!

So here's what's coming: Winter Love, True Love, First Love, and the one and only Tree Love! The "rowdy" one? First Love. This is the brightest yarn I've ever dyed. You and I - we wouldn't wear it on a bet (well, I wouldn't), but make something for a little girl in love with princesses and pink...woo hoo! She'll actually wear it.

Miss P wouldn't wear it, however, because she is not into woolly things. Given that she lives in Minneapolis, it wouldn't hurt to have nice toasty socks, but Miss P is Miss P, and that's that. I'm not nutsy enough to make her socks that will never get worn. And Princessa Rosie? The yarn doesn't have sparklies so she wouldn't wear it either. Fussy kiddles. And the Benster and the Alexer? What, are you nuts? What boy would wear fuchsia pink?

As for the others, I'll let you guess. And you know that there's a lot more love going to happen. Just wait until the green month. I'm on a roll here. Maybe a hard roll, or a mushy Parker roll, but not a bagel. The vinegar has gotten to me, as you can tell. ;-)

If you've nothing better to do, take a look at my link to DIY planner (over on the right on the top). This is so cool. Organization is not my skill,and given that I was a librarian, that's surprising. My idea of organizing something is to make a nice neat pile somewhere. Hubbo does the same thing. Every now and then, we have company which means that the piles get put away, shoved under something, or plopped on the sun porch. So maybe I'll turn over a new leaf. Or not.

Deniasha - That's carrying pile organization too far. Those of us who are disorganized have a duty to others to continue in our downward slide towards slobbiness. Here's the thing: if you're neater than me, you can feel quite superior to me. That's pretty good, no? If you're sloppier than me, you can then look up to me. It's a win/win situation. But, if you are a major pita and entirely too neat, nobody will love you.

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deniasha said...

Yes, but do organize your piles? Even I'm guilty of organizing any piles of books I leave around. Too many years as a student librarian in college.


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