Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thoughts on Socks (say that fast 10 times)

I love turning heels. Don't laugh. It's the neatest thing about knitting socks.

You have this column of knitting called the leg. It's fun. This is where the pattern comes into its own. No leg, and you're not a sock. You might be a footie, but you are just not a certifiable sock. This, next to that heel turn, is my favorite part of sock knitting. This is where creativity hangs out.

Then you get to work the back of the heel, which is pleasant. And then comes the moment of truth: Turning the heel. This is the thing that makes the socks fit. Socks without that bit of a triangle just get baggy and don't fit right. Whether you go toe up or cuff down, you have this glorious moment of turning that sock. Easy peasy with short rows, which sound a lot more difficult than they really are. And if you goof, you are only working on a few stitches.

Then comes the boring part (for me, at least): picking up the gusset stitches, and decreasing those gusset stitches. And then you work the foot. Decrease for the toe, finish it up with a bit of Kitchener stitching. And then you put it on and admire it, and make Hubbo admire it over and over. Or else!

And then you make the second sock. Boring, but necessary if you have 2 feet. These are the times when you're glad you're not an octopus.

There are many folks who work 2 socks at a time. I'm not one of them, mostly because I would have to subdivide my yarn, and anyhow I just prefer to do one at a time.

Yarnie moments: In case you haven't noticed, I redid my Etsy thingie on the right of the page. It's called an Etsy mini, whatever that means.

Here are some pics of the yarns in reskeined mode.

Bev, you don't have enough yarn? Don't worry, there's always more. ;-)

Christine, I understand, oh boy, do I understand! Giggle!


Bev said...

Ruth you are so right about socks I enjoy every part of a sock except the Gusset, the pick and decrease it can take a day just to do that part of the sock because I just can't stay with it. Once through the rest of the sock flies and I'm done. Love the new yarns. But I must hold off for right now.

Christine said...

Me, too! I love your new yarn, but I just have to hold off for now...


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