Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yarns and Odds.

I had a yarnie day. I reskeined the yarns I had dyed yesterday, photographed them before and after reskeining, uploaded photos onto computer, downloaded the bloody photos to etsy and flickr, listed them plus a bunch of others on Etsy, and that took me all morning and into lunch time.

Why all this craziness? Because any year now, our computer with its new hard disc will be ready (if we live long enough), and then I'm all caught up with new yarns and pics, etc. This probably makes no sense to you, but when the damned computer died and I had to go to the oldest computer, I lost all the pics I had taken. Then when I switched to this one, our newer laptop, again the picture file didn't transfer. I suppose I could have saved and loaded with a thumb drive, but ye olde computere doesn't have such fancy goodies. Well, anyhow, I decided to list everything and now I'm done until I dye some more.

Two of the yarns were possible reserves, and one got rejected, which was ok. The buyer asked me to duplicate one of my Rainbow yarns, and I said I would try, but if she were not happy with the yarn, she was not obligated to buy. Rainbows are impossible to reproduce because I make them up as I go along, and that includes mixing the dyes. It's all off-the-cuff, and while that's what makes them fun to dye, it doesn't lend itself to duplication. I figured that if the buyer didn't want the yarn, someone else will. That's why I don't mind dyeing up a single skein as a reserve. As long as the buyer lets me know immediately so that I can take off the reserve, then it's fine with me.

BF (best friend) promptly called me up tonight because she wanted one of the yarns. I'm teasing her that she's going into sock orbit, from which there is no return. It's a strange addiction, this yarn and sock business.

So, listen to my dilemma. I want to join The Loopy Ewe's sock club. Why do I want to do this? I have more yarn than anyone needs, and I dye my own at a fraction of the cost of buying it. And, I have my own sock club. I don't need to join a sock club. Where in holy hell would I put the yarn, not to mention when would I knit it?
But I want it! Said with a major whine. nyeh. I must resist. Resistance had better not be futile.

We are heading up to Massachusetts this weekend for a bit of child visiting and grandchildren doting. The weather is supposed to be ok, so we figure that we better take advantage of no snow.

Sunrise today: 7:22 and Sunset was at 4:49.

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