Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rants are your friends.

Do you rant? Hubbo and I do it all the time. It's called "creative qvetching", also known as "complaining for the fun of it". We have raised ranting to a fine art. We rant about politics, religious nutcases, certain stores, towns. You name it; we can rant about it.

Here's our favorite rant. There's a town about 1/2 hour away from us. It's a lovely drive there, there's a Coldwater Creek store just outside the town's downtown (there are NO rants about CC!) OK, this town used to have some lovely gift shops, and interesting stores to wander through. All very small but charming. Well, most of them are gone to be replaced with stores with bunnies with long ears in them, stores with overpowering candles, boring jewelry stores, etc. You get the picture. Hell, you probably like these stores; they're very popular. But we are not amused. So every time we drive through the town (usually on the way to Coldwater Creek), we have our rant: "Blank (the name of the town) is not what it used to be." That's it. The entire rant. And then we enjoy wandering through the town, occasionally ranting, but happily enjoying ourselves. And when we leave, we rant again just for good measure.

Speaking of Coldwater Creek, and I am always speaking of Coldwater Creek, I just love CC! The clothes fit, are pretty, and I don't look like mutton dressed up as lamb (now that phrase requires much ranting). I am, in their clothing, a size 4 in pants, and an extra small in the tops. And I'm petite (shrimpo as Hubbo says). Perfect going-to-work clothing. Get ready, here comes a rant! I'm retired, as in I don't go to work any more! So what am I going to do with all their gorgeous jackets and skirts. I live in jeans, nice jeans, but jeans nonetheless. No sweats, I have NOT gone down to that level. Yet. I have an entire wardrobe of lovely professional wear. I don't need any new CC clothing, but I want some (read that with a whine in your voice). Is this not a great rant?

Sunrise, sunset. Not the song, silly.

Sunrise today was at 7:22 AM, and sunset was at 4:41.

No new pictures until our new hard disk arrives at Staples and is installed. Oh well, hardly worth ranting over.


downeastyarnho said...

I'm a CC junkie too. I see those emails about their sales and my fingers detach from my brain long enough to fill that g-d shopping cart online with enough stuff to clothe a third world village. I have to force myself to break the spell before I submit the order to insure that we will have food on the table for the next month. Thank heavens there is no store closer than 30 miles or I would be financially forced into a homeless shelter...but I WOULD be well-dressed! The jackets are MY weakness too.

Monnibo said...

Oooh I LOVE sweatpants. I wear them as pyjama bottoms. I live in my pyjama bottoms and/or sweatpants. And by live: I mean whenever I'm at home. I rarely leave home in my sweatpants or pjyama bottoms (just those odd occasions where you have to run out the door)... but yes... around the house sweatpants are amazing!! You should try them. ;)

(P.S. Surfed over from the Blogging Ravelry group)


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