Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm a steamy babe!

Oh, do I love that steamer. Never mind making dim sum; for that I go out. But for steaming that yarn: what a neat idea. And this idea was mine, not the resident engineer's. He must be rubbing off on me. Um, that's not what I meant, but he is the Hubbo, and he's mine, and I'm not sharing him. So if he wants to ...This is getting worse and worse. Double entendre not actually planned.

Back to being a hot and steamy babe. With my new steamer, I can dye and steam at the same time. Given that I still have hot flashes, aka power surges, I can already dye and steam simultaneously. I like efficiency.

Power surges, for you young ones, are the biggest pain in the butt. The only time they are of any use is if you're out walking in very chilly weather, and a surge hits you. Then a hot flash is quite nice.

Here's my thing about hot flashes. It seems logical to me that guys should get them, not women. We have the periods, the pregnancies, the deliveries, the baby care. Guys should get the hot flashes. Talk about unintelligent design! And now that I've offended someone, I think I should go to sleep. It's ok if you're offended. I do believe in evolution. Although hot flashes are a crappy evolutionary activity. We can live without this. Trust me.

Yarnie news: I dyed up 6 yarns, 1 or 2 of which I'll keep. So there. Fresh, aren't I? It is definitely time to go to sleep.

iabrenda: my steamer worked wonderfully! I have a bottom and 2 tiers. What a neat efficient way to steam.. Hubbo says that your steamer was probably used in Chinese cooking to make dim sum.

Monnibo: I never used to like to wear jeans because I hate that tight waist thing. But now that jeans are worn lower without a waist, I'm a happy camper. I like them better than sweats. Sweats always seem to look weird on me on my butt. Yay, Ravelry! Don't you just love it?

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