Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes from a television snob.

The vertigo seems to be moving a bit slower. Hubbo says I'm dizzy enough anyway. Bad Hubbo, but funny. Thanks all for your sweet remarks.

Needless to say, I did no dyeing yesterday. I did get a bunch of blanks skeined up. So if I can manage it, I'll definitely dye later on today.

What's on your TV? With the writers' strike in full motion, the vast wasteland has become more ridiculous. I'm entranced with these gorgeous HD flat screen monitors, and would love to own one. But the thing is, TV programs are going to be just as useless as they are now. We watch almost exclusively PBS. I like any science show, Antiques Roadshow, any Brit sitcom (except for "Last of the Summer Wine"), Bill Moyer's Journal, and of course Masterpiece Theater and Mystery. I also watch our local PBS station's nightly news so that I have some idea of what's going on in NJ.

So, here's our secret vice: we love Deal or No Deal. I don't know why I get so sucked in into Deal, but I do. I mean, here's this premise that if you crouch down, and move your hands lower and lower, the case will contain $1. Boys and Girls, this is pure gambling. The only skill you need here is to know when to quit. Which nobody ever seems to know. You get the coaches, one of whom is intelligent and tells you to quit when you get to $256,000, and then the other two coaches who loudly tell you to keep playing, and when you knock out a large amount, tell you that it's ok. And then the contestant loses all intelligence, keeps playing, and goes home with $5000, which is a helluva lot less than the big offer. And the contestant always "knows" that her case contains $1,000,000. What, he/she has xray vision? Take the bloody terrific offer and quit! And this is why we watch this truly dopey show, because the drama is amazing, and we get to go into our ranting mode. 'Tis a good rant here.

The other dopey quiz show we love is One Against the Mob. At least here you have to answer some really tricky questions. I want to be in the mob.

We love House because House's character is so complex and awful. Hugh Laurie is one talented actor. I loved him in Bertie and Jeeves. Every now and then, in House, he does one of those facial things that are so funny.

And my favorite reality show, ok the only reality show I like, is The Biggest Loser. I'm mighty impressed with how hard it is to lose serious poundage, and how committed the participants are. This is the one reality show which is a win/win situation.

The Sock: I think I'm going to call this the Tink Sock, because I am doing a lot of tinking. But it is soooooo pretty. Clubbies - you're going to love me or hate me on this one.


theknittyvritti said...

absolutely no standards when it comes to tv. american idol, gordon ramsay's kitchen nightmares, beauty and the geeks--i'll watch any of it....actually, the less compelling it is, the better it is to knit by, at leaast for me.

T-Mom said...

I gave up TV years ago. Not so much because I'm intellectually superior or anything (*snerk*, yeah, right--ME??), but because my cable bill kept going up. I realized that I only watched PBS, A&E, and Discovery, and occasionally one of the networks, and decided I could do something else with the $40 every month. Like buy yarn. *lol* A(Actually, I think most of it goes to the dogs. Literally)


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