Sunday, January 6, 2008

Laundry, Sock Gremlins, and a Wonderful Buy

Peach Sherbet! A delicious, juicy peach at its peachiest perfection.

I dyed up 3 yarns today: the previously mentioned Choco-mint Ice Cream, Toffee Brickle, and The Secret Garden. They're drying in my bathroom, and looking mighty nice. We'll see how they look when they're dry and reskeined.

I used some of my new Wash Fast Acid dyes for these: spearment, chocolate, toffee, and mauve. Plus some nifty solutions left after the dye had been exhausted on other yarns. I find that these nameless wonders often add so much to the coloring. They're always fairly light because most of that dye has been taken up by the yarn, but just so pretty. And I feel virtuous not throwing perfectly good colors down the drain.

Coldwater Creek Moment: I should get a commission from them given my free advertising of their products! They're having a huge end-of-winter sale, and we wandered in this afternoon after making our way through our ranting town. I got 2 wonderful jackets for $59.99. List price for the 2 was $207. Is this a sale or what? Tuesday I'm meeting one of my coworkers for lunch, and I'm going to wear one of them. Would you believe that the jeans queen will actually look like a grownup lady? Shock, I tell you, shock and amazement!

I have so much laundry to do that I'm beside myself. Yup, that's me, standing beside me. Where does it all come from, huh? We are 2 clean adults, no kids, no cats, just us. So how come I have mounds of laundry? Do you think it multiplies over night? And this is not including sheets. Just clothing. And half the time I schlump around in my dyeing jeans, which never seem to get washed. Pretty soon they'll stand up by themselves. They don't look dirty, or smell or any other disgusting activity. This is getting to be a barfo conversation. Forget the dyeing jeans.

Back to the laundry. (Hey, I could produce a movie with that title: Back to the Laundry) I'm beginning to think that there's a shirt gremlin that duplicates Hubbo's shirts.

We know about the sock gremlin. He (it can't be a woman, 'cause we're just plain smarter about these things.) makes sure that all men's socks look exactly the same on the surface, but have minuscule differences which nobody sees. Like different ribbing or a slightly different color on the toe. I throw them all in a pile and let Hubbo do the sorting.

The sock gremlin is related of course to the dryer sock gremlin. You know the one: you put 16 socks into the dryer, and only 15 come out. Where does the lost one go? To sock heaven? Or maybe that's the lone sock that you find on a sidewalk, or wrapped around a telephone line. And how does it get to that telephone line?

An aside, dear reader: One year, on our annual trip to the Cape (as in Cod) we spotted a lone dirty white sock on the sidewalk somewhere in Harwichport. The next summer it was still there. What does that tell you?

Gentle Reader, these are questions for which there are no answers. Although I'd be happy to read any comments which further expand on the subject. My Ph.D dissertation: The trials and tribulations of socks. I'll give you credit for any thought on the subject that you might have. You could become my research assistants.

On this loony note, I'll close for the time being. Gotta do that bloody laundry. One further question: Why do the Brits think that "bloody" is not a nice word? Any Brits out there to enlighten me?

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