Saturday, January 19, 2008


First of all, a possible new sock pattern! It has to be field tested (thank you, Caroline), and all the glitches worked out. And then, if the #$@8&^% computer ever gets hooked up, and I get the graph loaded up, I'll put it up for sale.

The picture needs to be redone, but even so, what do you think? Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you as always. And if I don't respond to you, it's because Blogger doesn't let me connect up. But I'll post replies in italics at the bottom of my bloggy moments.

And now on to the main event! OOFING!

Hubbo has a new thing going on in his little head. He says "oof" nonstop. It used to be that he said oof when he got up from sitting, or climbed the stairs, or other movements like that. No more. Now we get gratuitous oofs! There's the walking down the street oof. It just happens. There's the restaurant looking at the menu oof. If you're in a tony restaurant, then it becomes OOPH! Somewhat more refined than the standard oof.

There's the delicate oof, said in a gentle way. There's the loud oof, when you want to get someone's attention. Variations on oof can be "erf", "nerf", "derf". If you want to put some meat into it, you say oof with a serious grunt.

All I can say is "oof!"

Hubbo just informed me that he only says oof on Thursdays. That's a blatant lie. But here's the thing: He doesn't oof when I'm not around. There's no point to it, according to him. It's the old tree falling in the forest thing.

I went off to the post office today to mail off yarn pkgs. On the way back to the car, a certain Hubbo, of whom I will not speak, spread his arms wide and yelled "Roofie" at the top of his lungs. I was about 1/4 of a block away. So what was I going to do? I spread my arms out too, and ran up to him, and he gave me a big bear hug, and, yup, you guessed it, he oofed! What a guy. Other folks on the street probably thought we had gone over the edge. Hah! If they only knew.

I bought a pair of Sebago Maryjanes on sale! My sockies look so cute on my footsies now. Oof!

And I bought 2 different eye shadows to the tune of almost $20! Bad Yarnarian. That was a refined ooph.

And a cute mug for Miss P if and when she comes to visit, and a bulb baster for dyeing, both at the Junior League Thrift Shop. Mini oof.

And, First Love sold! Neat, huh?
Bragging oof!


Carolyn said...

Ooh, they look like they will be so much fun to "test".

Jen said...

Love the pattern! I am almost done with my Roundabout Socks and boy was that a nice knit! :)

Emily said...

I've been saying "oof" a lot recently too. What's that about?!


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