Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazed Yarnarian Dyes Again!

Update: My computer is back. Knit Visualizer, here I come.

Here's a pic of my brand new Mary Janes replete with my foot in it and showing off part of a sock.

Yup, I dyed. Now the yarns are either cooling down of hanging to dry. It's funny how some days I see only certain colors, or I have to explore certain colors. That's what happened this morning. I got all caught up in lime and blue and blue green and limey-bluey green. No pics, of course, but here are very tentative titles for the yarns:

1. Spring Love (yup, those greens)
2. Baby Love (as soft and gentle as a baby's bottom. I might keep this one for myself.)
3. Venus on the Half-Shell (What do you think happened to the other half?)
4. Royal Love
5. Bouquets of Love (some of those greens)
6. Goddess of Love - Isis or maybe Aphrodite or Inanna or some goddess of love

Take a look at this site:
I'm a pretty sedate knitter and I work only on skinny yarns, but this is so mind-boggling that temptation is rearing its lovely head. How to make these patterns using sock yarn, hmmmmm.

And, while you're at it, give this one a look-see.

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Emily said...

The socks look FAB! :)


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