Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 will bring us good health, happiness, financial security, and yarn, and more yarn, and great knitting projects, and more yarn!

We had our usual quiet New Year's Eve: I made a lovely chicken dinner, coconut rice and my favorite veggie, Niblets Corn. It was a monochromatic moment. I tend to make all meal components all the same color. It's a family joke. The chicken was a saute of chicken, garlic, lime juice and Worcestershire sauce, with Penzey's Bangok blend sprinkled on top. Looked boring, tasted wonderful. Here's what I used for the coconut rice: a coconut powder, all dried with not fat, cholesterol or sodium. We buy it at the big Chinese market on Rt. 10. The corn didn't go at all with the rest of the dinner, but I had a yen for it. So there. And Mallowmars for dessert. Don't laugh, that is one tasty bit of junk food. I really should have used soy sauce instead of the Worcestershire, but we ancient folks are at the watching fat, cholesterol and sodium stage. Yes my little chickadees, this is life in the 60's. So? And yeah, sometimes we look for early bird specials. Gasp! Horrors! My kids think this is hilarious. And it really is.

New Year's day, we have our annual dopey movie and dinner at the local diner tradition. We go, of course, with Best Friend and Hubby. The boys behave badly, and we laugh a lot. This year's dumb movie will be National Treasure.

Elder DD, who is entirely too intelligent, despairs of our cinema taste. She likes meaty films that I never quite understand. Although Hubbo and i really enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth. Generally, we have to be dragged kicking and screaming to see cultured movies. We even like good cartoon movies (sigh). Dearest Stepson recommended this flick, and he's usually on the money. BTW, I have the nicest kids and step kids in the world, but that's for another post.

Yesterday's post is whacked out re. photos. For reasons that I don't get, the pics are not showing up on part of the blog. Beats me why.

Our main, wonderful, fast computer died yesterday at 4:30 am. Let's have a moment of silence for its demise. Fortunately our drive is under warranty, so we're in luck here. We should have the new one all installed and happy by the end of the week. So now I'm reduced to the s l o w e s t computer going. With no pics loading up, although Hubbo thinks he can get that going. Yay, Hubbo!

That's it for the moment. Enjoy your day.


theknittyvritti said...

happy new year ruth and thanks for reading....new year's feast sounds great. i miss corn all winter and never think of niblets--too hung up onlocal foodie stuff, but i loved them as a kid.try it with a little curry powder.

Ruth said...

Niblets is local. Local to Minnesota. It depends on where local is.



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