Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lunacy, no I mean Solarcy

I forgot to do my annual ritual! From the shortest day of the year, until about the middle of January, I keep track of sunrise and sunset. I've been doing this for years; it would help in those short days. So, here are the sunrise and sunset times for Dec. 21 and for Dec. 30 in my location:

12/21 sunrise and sunset: 7:19 am 4:33 pm
12/30 sunrise and sunset: 7:22 am 4:39 pm

As you can see, the days are longer in the afternoon and shorter in the morning. This will stay this way for quite a while.

Yarnie Content: I have pictures, finally, of the 4 yarns I dyed up the other day: Leafy Glade, 42nd Street, Blue and White, and Peachy Green. I love them all, but Peachy Green might just be my favorite this time. There is a lovely Jewish holiday that comes up every winter, Tu B'Shevat. It's the New Year of the Trees. Some holiday customs for this day are to eat a new piece of fruit or plant a tree. It's a charming custom. So in honor of it, I'm going to feature some tree or fruity yarns this month. This year it falls from sunset, Jan. 21 to sunset, Jan. 22. For more info, you can look here.

So, here are the new goodies: 42ndStreet, Blue and White, Peachy Green, and Leafy Glade.

Leafy Glade just sold! Wow! Super-fast buyer!

Look at what I just bought to send to Miss P!

The seller is here.

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