Saturday, December 29, 2007

Funerals, Mommie, and England

We went to a funeral yesterday, my MIL's cousin. We were the family representatives since my MIL is not in the greatest shape. Hubbo hasn't seen these cousins in maybe 45-50 years, and it was nice for him to get reconnected. She was 82, and lived to see her children, grand children, great-grand children, and great great-grandchildren! Pretty amazing. I think I might have met her once. There is a great truth in people seeing each other at weddings and funerals.

Mommie note: We stopped by at around 4-ish on our way home. Would you believe that she was still in bed! I asked her if she was planning on getting up and dressed and having supper. Her response: "Of course! I'm not going to stay in bed all day!"
What a character she is!

About 6 months ago, she asked me to take her to The Stitching Bee for some yarn to knit herself a sweater. So we did this, and, yup, you got it, she hasn't touched the yarn. But she said to me yesterday that it was nice knowing that, if she wanted to knit, she could. She doesn't really feel like knitting, but having the yarn there, makes her feel good. OK. It's pretty yarn, which I'll inherit, I guess.

A little knitting got done last night, but not very much. We watched another in the Midsomer series, which we really really love. Good old Netflix! I've been parceling out the series over a period of time so that we can look forward to seeing the episodes. What is it about British mysteries that I find so attractive? Maybe it's the accent or the scenery. I don't know, but every time we watch an episode, I want to visit England again. Hmmmmmm. We never did celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary last year, so maybe this spring? Or fall? Hmmmm.

Yarn moment
: Have you knitted with Noro's new sock yarn? I really love the Noro colors, but hate the yarn. The Stitching Bee had the Silk Garden in the skinny weight on sale. I looked, drooled, and then realized how much I don't like working with it. The store has a gazillion sock yarns, but not Noro's, which is fine with me. How can they produce such gorgeous colored yarns that are rough to work with? They do wash up well and get much much softer, but knitting with the stuff is unpleasant for moi.

I was very tempted to guy some of the SB's sock yarn. They carry such gorgeous stuff, but I'm dyeing my own these days, and anyhow, I have the stash of a lifetime. So I resisted temptation, and just stuck with the Baby Cashmerino. Sometimes I'm so adult!

Pictures of newly-dyed yarns are coming maybe later on this morning. We have company coming so we have to straighten up our mess. We're clean, but very, very messy.

Talk to you later.


Holly said...

Well, you will just have to come and visit me. Being only 50 km from London (starting mid-Jan) it should be close enough to visit, but not living in the crowds.

Besides, I really want to meet your funnier half. Anyone who can come up with those stories obviously has a sense of humor about fiber.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see dyeing pictures. I am going to be dyeing later today. It's been a couple weeks since I dyed anything, so I am looking forward to it!

Have a good weekend! :)

Ibunnysavetroy said...

I've the noro stuff, and I too, drooled over the colors, then walked away - because I touched it, and it was AWFUL!


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