Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I smell like coffee

I had the nicest lunch today. I met one of my former co-workers for lunch at the library. This amazing woman is handling more jobs than you can imagine. They have not yet hired a replacement for me (well, they had one, but she didn't work out), and so now she has to do not only her job, but mine as well, and mine involved lots of staff supervision. Lucky for her, the staff is wonderful. But still, she's had to work 4 weekends this month. It was lovely chatting with her, and in January, we'll go out to dinner so that nobody has to rush.

I got there early just so I could chat (and also because I'm perpetually late and I'm trying to become an adult). I worked with the greatest bunch of people anywhere. I don't miss the work because I did it for over 26 years, and enough is enough. But the staff - that's another story. They are so much fun, and so professional, and such good people! DD #2 worked at the library when she was in high school, and her comment many years later was: "Mom, you don't work in the real world, but this is the greatest place to work!"

So, we chatted and I got to do the multiplex pictures on the computer thing. I saw kids, grand kids, elderly parents. 'Twas fun. Dummy here forgot to bring pics of her own. Next time.

So, what about my headline? Why do I smell like coffee? Because the table at the restaurant had a slant at the edge, and I didn't know it, and I put my large mug of latte down towards the edge, and it slid, and I got coffee all over me. And for once I was not in my jeans, but dressed like an adult. Fortunately, my clothes are washable except for the jacket. But the jacket color is like the latte and it's tweed, so I'm ok there. If I don't get it cleaned, do you think I'll eventually smell like dead milk? I did wipe off all of it. I got so wet that I actually sat in it. Talk about no dignity.

That's the story, morning glory. I posted my new yarns on etsy, I have leftovers for dinner, and I'm going to knit.

I love being retired, er, refreshed. Whatever. It's great!

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