Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Off to the frozen north

I'm shivering already. Friday I'm going to Minneapolis for a bit of DD, SIL, and granddaughter doting. It's a good 20 degrees colder there than here in balmy NJ, and with lots of snow already. So here's what I'm taking to keep warm: my hand knitted woolly socks, my cashmere-lined leather gloves (that Hubbo bought at a thrift shop, of course) encased in my fairisle, worsted wool mittens, the down coat that makes little moi look like Nanook of the North, replete with down hood, new Lands End boots that I got on sale, sweaters, turtle necks, scarves, etc.

Usually I go in January, which is frozen hell on wheels. But now that I'm retired, I can go at a better time. Like December. OK, I'll be there for Chanukah, which will be fun. The trouble is that they're going to make me go outside. I don't like winter; I'm already whimpering at the thought of all those layers, and I'll still be cold. Coming home to NJ will feel like a tropical vacation.

I've already been volunteered to do a bit of baby sitting. Miss P is so much fun to hang out with, that of course I said yes. Now that she's in all-day kindergarden, I won't see her nearly as much as before. We'll have a good time together like we always do.

DD and I are going to hang out, go shopping, etc. I've been volunteered to help out in Miss P's kindergarden class along with her mom, so that should be cute.

Otherwise, I've been trying to finish up whatever needs to be done around here, like laundry. I've dyed 7 skeins, and I'm keeping one for me. Tomorrow night is Hubbo's office Christmas party. It's always pleasant, and now I know a few people, so that will make it nicer.

Mommy news: Yesterday, I called the Mommy up at 9:30 to tell her that I was going to join her for lunch and would she let the kitchen staff know. OK, I went to the hairdresser, and while I was waiting, called her back. Whoops, she had fallen back asleep, but would get up and let the kitchen staff know. Okey dokey, I finished with the hairdresser, and I called her up to make sure that she had let the kitchen staff know. Guess what? Yup, she had fallen back asleep, but she would get up and let the kitchen staff know. I arrived at her place about 7 minutes later, and, you got it, she was asleep, and had NOT let the kitchen staff know. SOOOOOO, I told the kitchen staff, and they moved everybody around in the dining room, and she finally got up, got dressed and we had lunch together.

Then we went back to her room, and she parked herself in her favorite chair and told me that she was going to take a nap. This is the same woman who complains that she has a hard time falling asleep. And I keep telling her that, if you sleep all day, you're not going to be tired at night. 93 year old ladies can be a challenge sometimes.

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Jen said...

Hope you haven't turned into an icicle in MN yet!


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