Monday, December 3, 2007

The Velcro Effect!

'Tis the season for good cheer, lovely lights, delicious food, and Velcro.

I'm cheerful because I don't have to deal with the holiday shopping frenzy. Hubbo and I don't bother, and everyone else, except the grands of course, gets gift certificates or stuff like that.

I love all the lights in this ever-darkening time of year. It's so warming to see all the Christmas lights and Chanukah candles. Everything looks like a fairy land.

Delicious food? That's why they invented restaurants. I used to cook a lot, and I'm not a bad cook, but lately the cooking spirit has wandered off.

But Velcro? Well, tomorrow I'm switching sheets to my flannel ones. The sheets that feel like a warm and cuddly nightie. The sheets that make getting into bed at night a treat instead of the freezing moments I've had for the past few nights. The mega-comforter is already in use, and soon will be encased in flannely goodness. I've been in flannel nightgowns for a few weeks already. So, are you getting the picture? The cozy woolly socks are on the feet, and the body is draped in warm and wonderful flannel. I pull back the covers and get ready to enter bed paradise. And that's when it happens: Velcro! If you're wearing flannel clothing and are sleeping in flannel heaven, you CAN'T slide!!! You have to jump under the covers and if you want to turn, you have to raise yourself up and flip, kind of like a whale in the ocean. Sleeping and turning over have now become aerobic activities: "The Velcro effect." I have to ask the physicist son-in-law if anyone has ever studied this.


Squeaky said...

Mmm. Flannel.

pamudom said...

Hi Ruth! How about wearing satin pajamas in your flannel cocoon bed? You'll still be warm but won't stick to your sheets. :)

Jen said...

I am going to dig out my flannel sheets ASAP. So cozy!

T-Mom said...

Ruth, at least you don't have to add the effect of sharing the bed with 2 German Shepherds and a cat. It's like being stapled to the bed, and if you want to turn over you have to wake up enough to make everybody move to give you enough room and enough covers to do it. Sheesh. But they sure keep the bed warm! :)

Actually, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Chanuka Candles colorway. I'm, erm, financially embarrassed at the moment, so I can't buy any, but I hope you'll offer it next year. They're some of my favorite colors and you don't often see them combined in the same yarn.

Actually, I love your whole etsy shop. Winter Dreams, Spring Meadow, Autumn Sunset--I like them all. Keep up the god work!


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