Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Strange Inventions

Good morning! Did you have a nice Christmas? We non-Christians often celebrate Christmas by volunteering in food kitchens, working someone's shift so that he/she can be home for the holiday, having a nice family day, going to the movies, etc. So it's a nice day for all of us, Christian or not. Hubbo and I, of course, went to Best Friend's for Christmas dinner, and it was so delicious! And we talked and laughed, and just had a wonderful time. There's something so lovely about spending a holiday with such dear friends!

Hubbo, the engineer, cannot resist inventing strange and wonderful gadgets. His mind goes in that direction. Sometimes they're really useful, and sometimes they're a bit odd. OK, a lot odd. OK, falling down laughing odd. Yesterday's invention falls somewhere between useful and weird and funny.

Do you know what this is? Betcha can't guess. OK, I'll put you out of your misery. It's a Hairy Wine Cooler!

And what is a hairy wine cooler? Hubbo found this mohairy felted hat at some garage sale and brought it home for me. It's way too big for my little head, but it now has a new purpose in life. Actually it has a dual role: when we came home, it had gotten chilly, so I wore it on my head. We have no pics of that, fortunately!

BF's husband is also an engineer, and like a lot of these guys, has a very strong sense of mischief. (I've known a lot of engineers, and they fall into 2 groups: those who are very serious, and those who are full of mischief because they can't resist fooling around with stuff.) When Hubbo and BF's husband get together, they get this gleam in their eyes and these devilish grins on their faces. We just let them rip with their bad puns and dopey jokes. They are really very funny together. Sometimes BF and I pretend we don't know them.

If you want an example of mischievious behavior, Hubbo has been known to test the accoustics in a parking garage by yelling out loud. It's an interesting moment.

Bread Note: I've given up on the sourdough. I keep forgetting that I don't like liquid starters. I like a relatively firm biga. So I tossed the mess, and sometime today, I'll put up a biga for tomorrow's bread.

The sock club is coming along. I have 3 definites, and 5 people who are very interested. If I like doing this, I'll have another sock club. I already have an idea for that one: "Choose Your Own Sock Adventure".

And now, I'm heading off for my own adventure: I'm going to my favorite LYS, The Stitching Bee, in Chatham, NJ, for a bit of yarn shopping. I want to make the Half Mood Bay Sweater from Just One More Row. And I need some yarn. Don't laugh! Sock yarn I have up my wazoo, buy not much in other weights. So, I'm off to spend me money. Yes!

As usual, I'd love to answer your comments, but Blogger doesn't let me, so if I don't get back to you it's because I can't. If I have an email addy, then I'm ok.


Patricia said...

Happy Holidays and an advance Happy New Year. You have some lovely yarn and the sock patterns in the lower post is luscious.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in a sock club and have checked several of them out. How much is yours gonna cost and for how many patterns? Please let me know
Happy New Years in advance!!

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to give you my e-mail addy yesterday :-(
it's: dmlbjl@windstreamDOTnet


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